Tuesday, 26 May 2015

✿ Les Merveilleuses La Duree : Mixed pressed cheek colors ✿

✿ Every time I receive a package from Les Merveilleuses La Duree, I can't help but feeling amazed by their products. They are so beautiful, and elegant. It's like passing by a Patisserie and falling in awe, looking at the window.

And once again they work their magic with their new Mixed Pressed Cheek Color collection ! The collection has been inspired by Astrology, a "science" that Ms Josephine de Beauharnais (Napoleon's first wife) was following. "Relying on Lucky Star, you can instantly show your unique charm and appeal".

The collection included four different shades : Soleil, Lune, Meteore and Comete (Sun, Moon, Meteor and Comet).

 103 Soleil : Pretty, sweet glow. Blend of red pink, powder pink and pale purple.Element : Fire (Active, passionate, energetic, cheerful, intuitive, frank (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius))

✿ 104 Lune : Natural looking, delicate glow. Blend of light orange, white lavender and pale yellow.  Element : Earth (steady, stable, reliable, rely on their senses (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn))

 105 Meteore : Gentle, lucid glow. Blend of lavender, pink, bright pink and coral orange.Element : Air (versatile, outgoing, free-spirited, curious, communicative (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius))

 106 Comete : Fresh, clear glow. Blend of blue pink, carrot orange and peppermint green.Element : Water (Calm, romantic, kind, sensitive, trust their own feelings (Cancer, Scorpio, pieces))

I find it very fun to not only choose your shade according to your preference, or your complexion, but also by your astrological sign :D and it can also be a very thoughtful present to make to someone <3

✿ The mix of colors in each pressed cheek colors nuances each tones present. This way it gives a complex and pretty colors. I like the soft, pastle tones. Perfect for Spring and Summer.

✿ I also like that they are shimmer free, and completely matte. This formula enhances the wearer's naturally glowing complexion.

✿ The powder wears for very long too, as the powder particules are coated with oil, which makes it non-drying for the skin and enable a longer wear !

✿ The application is very easy. You can definitely use the blush given with the pressed cheek, as they are easy to use. Swirl on the pan, and apply, You will notice a soft and even application, that can easily be amplified if needed :)

The blush packaging in light blush is a Summer Limited Edition.
(love the details at the back on the pan !)

In a nutshell : 
Price : 460HKD
Available in SOGO, Causeway Bay
PROS : Packaging, beautiful range of colors, buildable, long wear, sweet fragrance
CONS : Pricey, availability

Thursday, 21 May 2015

✿ MAXFACTOR : Creme puff blushes ✿

MaxFactor released couple new creme puff blush and sent them to me. It took me a while to get to try them out since I have been with my boyfriend non stop recently and working quite a lot, so I didn't get to play with make up on my own so much~  

Since I have been given two of each shades I will be having a give away on my Instagram, you can go there and enter :)

Ends on June the 1st 2015

These two blushes have been formulated to make you look younger, that's why the formula have been created to make sure that these will be lightweight, long wear, blendable evenly, non cakey and provides a polished skin finish.
Packaging wise, MaxFactor, as usual, keeps it very simple and neat.
When it comes to blushes, I really like to use them to give my skin not only a fresh, young and healthy touch of color, but when they contain shimmers, I like how they can reshape your face.
And that's exactly what MaxFactor creme puff blush do !

In one hand, 25 Alluring rose (which is a beautiful mix of deep shimmery pink/coral, with a medium warm bronzer), will not only warm up your complexion, but will also emphasize the bone structure of your face. Giving your face a great contouring as well as an alluring look. Best to apply in under your cheekbones. I think it would be very nice for a summer look !

In the other hand, 05 Lovely pink (mix of shimmery rosy pink and rosy highlight) will provide a youthful and healthy look. The pink color has a girl tint that give you a dolly, and innocent look. Paired with the highlight, it creates a glow on your skin that boosts the illusion of rounder and fuller cheeks. Best to apply it on the apple of your cheeks ! Perfect for spring !

Which one do you prefer ? Personally I like 05 Lovely pink better, as I like to wear a young and cute look, rather than an alluring, more womanly look :D

In a nutshell : 
Price : 88hkd for one 
(You can find them in selective SASA, Watson's and Bonjour)

PROS : Bluidable, pigmented, great contouring, lightweight, polishes the skin
CONS : Only has two shades

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

✿ Cyber Colors : Cleansing oil ✿

 I am a big fan of cleansing oil to remover my make up. I always find this way of removing make up to be the gentlest, and most effective. Especially if you have a sensitive skin and can't rub cotton or wipe too much on your skin. As I was running out of my Estee Lauder's oil, I asked my best friend to pick me an oil in Sasa, and he got me Cyber Colors cleansing oil, rose and chamomile.

What I like about this oil is that while it will remove all of your make up (all of it, waterproof makeup, foundation etc) it will also nourish your skin, providing a moisturizing and smoothing effect. The smell of flowers is very nice and fresh. It doesn't leave a grease feeling after you wash your face and unlike some other oils, I never got the blurry vision after using it. (if you are familiar with cleansing oils, you surely know what I am talking about).

 To remover my whole face's make up, I use 2 pumps of the oils, rub my hands together and massage my face thoroughly. Make sure to massage every corners of your face like around the nose, and of course your eyes. I tend to rub my eyelashes between two fingers to be sure that all my mascara dissolves. Then I clean the oil with luke water and clean my face with my normal face wash.
 (From top to bottom : Lacome Hypnose mascara, Maybelline pen liner, Etude House pencil liner, 3 Concept eyes lipstick)

In a nutshell : 
PROS : Great make up remover over all, nourishing, the smell
CONS : None