Thursday, 23 October 2014

✿ ETUDE HOUSE : Marie Antoinette lipsticks ✿

 I love Etude House's packaging ! The regular lines are super pretty and cute, but they reached another level of prettiness with their Etoinette serie. There is no way you don't feel like a princess when using these. I know I do~
The aesthetic reminds me of La Duree packaging , and even if the Etoinette line is a little more expensive than the regular lines, it's still a lot cheaper than La Duree.
 I love these imprints, so pretty !
✿ Both of them will last a far amount of time (2-3hours) and are moisturizing and won't dry out your lips. They don't smell or taste anything and feel very nice on the lips. (I hate when a lipstick wear heavily on your lips !)
 PKK004 is a pretty and shiny pink, more on the blue side than the red side. It gives a lovely tint to your lips, enhancing their natural color. Girly and cute.
PKK301 On the other hand is definitely on the red side and has a pretty deep coral color and will cover your lips more. Very elegant and sophisticated.

Monday, 20 October 2014

✿ HOLIKA HOLIKA : Jewel Light Under Eye Maker✿
Jewel Light Peach Eye Maker

 If you like sweet/pretty make up looks, you may wanna give Holika Holika's Light Jewel's makers a go. Even more so if you are into cute packaging !
 Jewel Light Under Eye Maker is meant to create the cute eye bag that koreans are crazy about, since it gives an innocent and young look to the eyes. (smiling eyes)
Jewel Light Peach Eye Maker is to be use more as an eye stick that you will blend onto your eyelid, and a eye highlighter to brighten the corner of your eyes.
One end of  Jewel Light Under Eye Maker is a super bright and shimmery pale pink. It is pretty see through as you blend it, if you want to use it as a cream eyeshadow, or eye primer. (used as an eye primer, it will keep your eye shadow in place, and you will see all the shimmers through the eye shadow too).
The other hand is a pretty dark peach/rosy color. I find that you can use it either under your eyes to create the shadow of an eye bag, or as a eye liner, it works too.
 Jewel Light Under Eye Maker as a coral/peach stick which is perfect for a peach and young look. Its blent so easily on your eyelid and you can just blend it with your ring finger. It's also a perfect base if you want to have very saturated pink or red eyeshadow. You can also use what's left on your fingers as a cream blush ! The other end is a white and shimmery stick to brighten the inner corner of your eyes.

They are all waterproof and perfect. I love the girly looks they give, and really enjoy the fact that you can use them for different things.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

✿ ETUDE HOUSE : Color lips fit ✿

 I'm so excited to share with you Etude House color lips fit ! And that is because since I've been using them, they have been my favorite lip products to use <3
As usual the packaging is adorable and what you see from the outside, is basically what you will get on your lips.
They also have a very sweet scent, which makes the whole use of them super yummy~

 The brush make it so easy to apply and it also feels very soft on the lips. Love it.
 I love all the colors, they all are very pretty, I find they to enhance my lips and look nice with my complexion (I have a yellow under tone).
All of them have a matte / quite powdery finish, which I love ! And if you'd like to glossy finish, you can always layer a coat of gloss on top :D
They also last for a long time, 4/5 hours with no problem ! And they don't crease.
The only downside for me is that they dry out your lips a bit, so definitely moisturize your lips before applying it.

Click the photo to shop them :)