Sunday, 27 July 2014

✿ Etude House : Bling bling eye sticks ✿

 One thing I do all the time when I do my make up, is highlighting the inner corner of my eyes. I love the way it makes them pop out, look brighter and bigger !
Etude house offers a new eye stick for that purpose, in three different colors.
 These sticks come in white, gold and pink. Creamy, super shimmery and BEAUTIFUL.
I love the packaging, the stars are super cute, you can see at the bottom the color of the product, which make it a lot easier to pick out. They are also retractable, which I love.
 I find the sticks a little bit too thick for the under eye area, but as you can use them as a cream eyeshadow, then, it gets very convenient :)
 The three of them are long lasting, very luminous and pretty waterproof !
If you don't wanna get the three of them I'd recommend getting the gold one for a natural look. It's a lot more subtle.
The white one is great for a extra youthful touch, as it's super bright !
And the pink one has a very lovely, girly touch <3


Friday, 25 July 2014

✿ Etude House : Beauty tools ✿

 Quick review of Etude House's nail file, tweezer and eyebrow shave. Not that I actually needed any, but when I stumbled upon them, I thought we were worth being part of my purchases since they were so cuuuute, picturing cats and flamingos (they have two or three different colors for the flamingos).
Quality wise, I think they all do a very decent job and are a great price for value. The tweezer is pretty good and are very comfortable to use (I didn't pinch my skin yet, and I don't have to try and try again to grab a hair). The eyebrow shave is also good. I find it less sharp then other regular ones I got from Sasa, which I actually like. I find it to be less irritating then !

Thursday, 24 July 2014

✿ The Saemmui : Lip Crayon ✿

Next from my Saem haul is this lip crayon, that caught my attention for the cute packaging. Orange, simple and fresh. The stick is retractable like most lip crayons and it very easy to apply on your lips. 
I love those crayons for their simplicity, and convenience. You can hardly mess up with them and I've never had a problem with them transferring on to my teeth.
It also has a orange smell (no taste), which I really like <3

 #2 is a pretty coral color, fresh and perfect for summer time. It is a little bit shiny and quite moisturizing. It's not opaque so you can play around a mix it with another color, or neutralize your lip color before application.
It glides very easily and is non-sticky.
Funny part is the way it melts. For some reason, instead of melting smoothly on your lips, it kind of creates some 'bits' in it. It has some strange bumps kind of (it's hard to explain).
Nontheless I like using it. The color is very pretty, I like the smell, and love the fact that it doesn't dry my lips.
I love the ton is gives my lips. Depending on your natural lip color it will have a different tint. Love it <3