Wednesday, 15 April 2015

✿ Cyber Colors : Cleansing oil ✿

 I am a big fan of cleansing oil to remover my make up. I always find this way of removing make up to be the gentlest, and most effective. Especially if you have a sensitive skin and can't rub cotton or wipe too much on your skin. As I was running out of my Estee Lauder's oil, I asked my best friend to pick me an oil in Sasa, and he got me Cyber Colors cleansing oil, rose and chamomile.

What I like about this oil is that while it will remove all of your make up (all of it, waterproof makeup, foundation etc) it will also nourish your skin, providing a moisturizing and smoothing effect. The smell of flowers is very nice and fresh. It doesn't leave a grease feeling after you wash your face and unlike some other oils, I never got the blurry vision after using it. (if you are familiar with cleansing oils, you surely know what I am talking about).

 To remover my whole face's make up, I use 2 pumps of the oils, rub my hands together and massage my face thoroughly. Make sure to massage every corners of your face like around the nose, and of course your eyes. I tend to rub my eyelashes between two fingers to be sure that all my mascara dissolves. Then I clean the oil with luke water and clean my face with my normal face wash.
 (From top to bottom : Lacome Hypnose mascara, Maybelline pen liner, Etude House pencil liner, 3 Concept eyes lipstick)

In a nutshell : 
PROS : Great make up remover over all, nourishing, the smell
CONS : None

Monday, 6 April 2015

✿ Les Merveilleuses La Duree : Cleansing milk ✿

What it promises and does : Les Merveilleuse La Duree with its Marie Antoinette, Rococo, inspired packaging (OMG stinking cute right ?) promises to remove your make up with a hydrating sensation, leaving your skin smooth, moist and soft. With a thick consistency and cream-like richness, it spreads upon application like a hydrating feel. The unique sensation is achieved by the base of water-soluble ingredient as well as the water-soluble polymers that burst onto the skin.
 It can be used both as a rinse-off and wipe-off remover. It contains lightweight oil, which won't leave your skin feeling oily and greasy.
Full of goodness : Organic lavender extract (Moisturizer, astringent (tightens the skin), anti-inflammatory)
Organic rosemary extract (Moisturizer, antioxydant)
Witch hazel extract (Astringent, antioxydant)

Price :  280HKD (for 125g)

My opinion and extra tips :
Whilst I think it is a great eye make up remover, and it will break down waterproof mascara and eyeliner, I think that as a face make up remover, it is not that great. Indeed, I find that after rubbing the product on my whole face, while my eyes was all clean (and that's also this is the part I focus on the most), I still had some traces of foundation. To be honest, I don't think it's so much of a bother since I always use a cleanser after my make up remover, which will be more efficient and cheaper too. I would not recommend using more of La Duree's cleansing milk, I think it would quite a waste.
On the other hand, on the eye's area, it's very effective ! Not only did it remove all my make up, but it was very gentle and soft. The milk is non aggressive and it didn't sting my eyes, or did it make my vision blurry !

In a nutshell : 
PROS : Great eye make up remover, gentle, perfect for sensitive eyes
CONS : Not as great at removing foundation, has to be paired with a good face cleanser

✿ Les Merveilleuses La Duree : foundation N10 & N20 ✿

Les Merveilleuses LaDuree's new foundation is delivered in a beautiful egg like shape bottle, which reminds me of Les Oeufs de Faberge ( : Faberge's egg). A quite praised item that my grand ma used to love. The lid has their iconic engraved pattern, and on the bottle you can see a not so sharp engraving of a rococo portrait (it's both hard to see in real life, and to take a photo of it).
The bottle has a pump to modulate the amount of product you want to use, easy, quick and clean.
What it promises and does : Les Merveilleuse La Duree liquid foundations deliver a long lasting serum like hydrating effect. Create a smooth, fine textured make up layer with a sheer finish. It has a water-rich, smooth texture which provides a comfortable wear.
Exist in 3 shades (✿10 : Aurore (aurora) ✿20 Ble (wheat) ✿30 Ambre (Amber), and has a SPF20/PA+

Full of goodness : Damask rose extract (Moiturizer, antioxidant)
Centifolio rose extract (Moiturizer)
Organic lavender extract (Moiturizer)
Organic thyme extract (Moiturizer, astringent, anti-inflammatory)
Rosehip oil (emollient (softens and smooths the skin)

Fragrance : Powder sugar and sweets.
Price :  460HKD (for 30mL)
Exist in 3 shades, SPF20/PA+

My opinion :
The foundation is pretty amazing. I was nicely surprised by the consistency of the foundation, as I find it to resemble ink's consistency. Thanks to it, your skin looks a lot better, but still love like real skin, beautiful and fresh. 
It has a sweet smell that I find very pleasant, and I was wondering if it will be of any aggression to my skin, but it didn't react to it. So I think it is safe for sensitive and dry skin.
Also, I usually always powder my foundation, but with this one I found that after 5 minutes, it was dry and set. I also tried to smudge it on my wrist as I swatched, and it didn't move !
The would say it is medium coverage and because of its consistency it can be layered and still give you a quite natural look, and doesn't make you look cakey. Especially because there is no need to powder after (unless you have an oily skin).

In a nutshell : I love it, I am happy I have two shades, so I can highlight parts of my face :)
PROS : Bottle design, consistency, coverage, real skin, hydrating, doesn't create breakouts
CONS : A little pricey, but you'd pay the same for High end brands, and this one is really good :)