Monday, 1 September 2014

✿ TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL : Dinoplatz lost identity ✿

I already had one of the Too cool for school Dinoplatz Lost identity and since I like it so much, I've decided to purchase the two other colors !
These are amazing, they colors your lips so nicely and they feel a little bit magical, as the color changes from the tube, as you apply it to your lips. It gives a nice tint to your lips and stays there for a fairly long time.
They shine a little, brighten your lips and don't dry them out at all ! LOVE <3

If you wanna find out about the first reviewed tint : Click here 

LOST IN YOU is a really sweet and subtle coral color. Very lovely.
LOST IN HAWAII is a pop pink, I was very surprised by how saturated and colorful it is ! Stay one for a long time ! You will probably need to scrub your lips to get all the color off.


Tuesday, 5 August 2014

♥ My FULL skincare routine ♥

As requested I'm sharing here all the products I'm currently for my skincare routine. I must point out that my skin is normal to dry, and pretty sensitive. I hope it will help some of you. Some products are pretty pricey (Sorry) but they are also great and will last you for quite a long time.
These are the one I use as my routine, and I do occasionally use others to try them out.

Remember to always remove your make up ! I can't shake it enough. This is so important.
Some of my skincare routine are extras, but the base for me is :
That's the minimum, and I hope you're all doing it.
♥ Too cool for school : McGirly cleanser 
I love this cleanser so so much. I sometimes pair it with my Clarisonic Mia 2, and sometimes just make it foam on my face with my hands only.
It leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. Be carefully to avoid your eye area, because it will sting a little.
I use it once to twice a day.

 ♥ CLINIQUE 7 days scrub cream 
This scrub is supposed to be a daily and I love it. It is very gentle and effective. I love how it feels on the skin as you massage it. My face doesn't turn red or get irritated at all when I use it.
I use it every two days.

 ♥ ORIGINS Clear improvement 
I was looking for a clay mask and I decided to give ORIGINS a go since I love their products.
This clay mask compared of most of the others, is pretty fine and doesn't have a thick texture. It feels nice on the skin and dry pretty fast. It is also easy to have it on and go around the house doing things, without getting pieces of dry mask dropping off your face.
I use it once a week.

 ♥ CLINIQUE Skin calming moisture mask 
Sometimes my skin is thirsty for moisture and will be need some gentleness and care. That's when this mask comes in handy. It will leave my skin feeling so super soft and replenished. Love it !
I use it once a week, after a clay mask.

 ♥ ORIGINS Make a different Plus + lotion 
This is definitely my favorite toner. I just repurchased it and I will for a long time. It smells divine, like most of Origins' products and it makes my skin feel fresh, clean, moist and amazing.
I use it twice a day, after cleansing my skin.

 ♥ ORIGINS Make a difference Plus + Rejuvenating moisturizer 
This moisturizer goes in pair with lotion and I love it. Light, and very moisturizing. It doesn't feel greasy, absorbs very fast and never caused me any break outs.
I use it once to twice a day, after toning.

 ♥ BOTANI Olive repair cream 
I was looking for a thicker night cream for intense care and I have been using this one for a week now. I must say, it does a great job ! I love it a lot. It very creamy and will take a little longer than most moisturizer to penetrate the skin. I like to use it at night only, because it is thick and I'm not sure how well it would do under make up. If you have a no make up day, it's perfect !
I use it once a day, at night.

 ♥ CLINIQUE All about eyes serum 
I'm always looking for the product that will help me with dark circles ! And I've been giving a go to this roller. It feels very nice and cool. I don't really notice a difference yet (though I've been using it for a little less than a month) but I like to use it ! 
I use it once to twice a day.

 ♥ CLINIQUE All about eyes 
I love this eye cream ! I've been unlucky with some creams that were too rich for me and would create those little white seeds around my eyes (eeerrr) and this cream never did that. I've been using it for a little less than a month, and I think it helps my dark circles a little, YAY ! It feels amazing one the skin. The texture is in between gel and cream, and it glides so nicely.
I use it twice a day.

♥ ANUMI Miracle recovery 
This oil is for the time when I've been working on a make up shoot and had to wear a lot of make up, remove, reapply... and all that jazz. I apply it at night and in the morning, my skin will be so soft and feel all new. It's been a life saver !

 ♥ ANUMI Blemish treatment 
I've been trying out this product for acne treatment, for the times when I have few breakouts. So far I like it, but I have noticed a dramatic effect. It might be working better and more significantly on acne prone skins.
For pimples treatment, CHECK THIS OUT.

♥ PALMER'S white and even 
If you have dark spots, scars from acne, or any scars at all, I can't recommend this cream enough ! I love love it and used it on my back and neck where I had some discoloration, created by the sun.. and now, I don't have them no more ! It's amazing. I used it after showering and noticed the discoloration fading very fast. GET IT !

Monday, 4 August 2014

★ Look #33 : Oh Bambi girl ★


Styling, make-up, editing and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
I'm leaving to Europe this sunday ! God, I haven't been there for more than 2 years. I'm both excited and petrified. How much changed there ?
I'm working hard this week on getting a lot done ahead to keep the blog alive while I'll be there. So I can keep posting and make you not miss me too much ;) haha <3
What I'm wearing and comments :

★ Black and white stripes' hat with veil : Cute cute cute ! I love deers and galaxy prints, so this t-shirt is perfect to me ~Vintage
★ denim Levi's shorts : Denim shorts are a must have item, you can pair it with so many styles and they are so versatile ~Super Animal Temple
★ Galaxy's platform sneakers : Super confortable and cool. I like the platform to make me appear a little taller <3 They size a bit small, so if you order them online, go for a size bigger ~Super Animal Temple

My friend's shop on ASOS market is on hiatus for a while, so please check her new shop ~Super Animal Temple