Monday, 23 September 2013

♡ Dailies : The day after the Typhoon Usagi was good ♡


Today was such a nice day ~ Surprisingly I slept super well, even whilst Usagi was dancing all night, I was fast asleep and didn't hear its music at all. Woke up pretty early and felt like doing nothing really, I was wondering what to do with all this time because my job got postponed to later in the day. So I decided I would write to my GrandMa. In the old style way, you know, cute paper letter and pens. That made my day start off so nicely. Then I finished some of the editing I had left and felt really happy with the result ! (I will be posting my new look on this friday, hehe. Patience, patience...)

I then went to my job. Today I was getting shot for the magazine Fashion and Beauty, and we were doing a make-up demo for NARS ! I love this brand so much, it made my day. And I got such a beautiful make up. Quite rock'n'roll, strong and intense (that fitted my outfit, SO WELL~). Loved it, my make up artist Yoyo was amazing. I can't wait to work with them again. 
And the nail polish is so nice too, I really like this kind of tint. Reminds me of Frenzy by Chanel, one of my favorite. 

★ The Simpson's dress
★ Faux leather biker vest
★ Steve Madden boots

As I went home, all I wanted was to get some outfits shot with this make up, and that's when an awesome neighbor is required. And I know that Hakan is always up for it if he's busy working. Lucky me. And so we went out and around our neighborhood with my Simpson's outfit. Oversize, boyish and oh so comfy ! Really like the colors and the atmosphere. I'm so grateful for having such talented friends. Just look what Dennis offered me ! It's so awesome ! Perfect balance of cuteness with a hint of creepiness. I absolutely love it. Seats well in my room.

And to end this day, I finally saved my iPod. It was refusing to restore for the past couple weeks, and now it's finally synchronizing~ 
I've been finding myself wanting to get a 3DS, because I'm dying to play Professor Layton. Question is... Where can I get a US version of it, and, where can I buy the games ? I know there is a lot of game shops in Sham Shui Po, but I'm afraid it's all in chinese... though I could always change the language right ? Also, what game compatibility ? Anyone knows ? I'll look into it. I miss riddles.


Good night everyone.

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