Monday, 30 September 2013

♡ Discovery : Cat Store Cafe ♡


You travelled to Hong Kong and miss your cat back home. Or you wish you could get a cat, but your room is way too small even just for a tiny ball of cuteness. 
Or you just wanna have a kitten to pet from time to time without having to commit to him (cause hey ! There are so many cats out there). Fear no more, head to Causeway Bay and chill with some yummy bites and kitties.

So Florent, Johnny and I decided to go to Cat Store and spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon there.

3/F, 96-106 Percival St, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong 
 We are kitties !
Leave a note (and read the ones you can, I know I did.. :D)
Those made me feel like all my previous birthday cakes sucks balls !
 Chocolate Mousse, Tiramisu and Oreo thingy~
You have to be a real chocolate addict to finish this.
Snowy peach with peach bites, yummyyy~
Pancakes ice-cream, cutest thing ever ~!
 Meet les kitties

When you come to don't get to actually pick a cat to pet at your table (that's what I thought when I went there for the first time.. silly me) but you might get as lucky as us and have a cat coming at your table to chill ! 


Go to this place and get some happiness from there, I know I always leave the place with a smile on my face.



  1. wow! I used to live in HK, but I didn't know about than amazing place. next time I'll visit it for sure:)
    btw which model agency do you work in HK for? I also worked as a model in HK and Shenzhen:)

    1. Im with Mission Models ! Do you still have an agency in HK ? I hope to see you here soon ! :D