Sunday, 29 September 2013

♡ Discovery : Get a 3DS in The Golden Computer Centre ♡


As I mentioned, I was dying to get a 3DS and finally be able to play Professor Layton <3 and now this is doooone ! 

When it comes to computer and electronic goodies, one destination in Hong Kong : Sham Shui Po.
This place is known for its markets, and electronic goods. Either your looking for brand new or second hand. One of those place where you can find a good bargain. Geek paradise ~

The Golden Computer Centre is most known and has lots of different shops. Selling Computers, computer parts, sound systems, phones, video games... Before buying anything I'd recommend having a tour first and check prices before settling on one shop.

For my 3DS I decided to go to Gadget Game Shop as not only were they super nice, English speakers and gave me a good service, but they were also the only one to have my game ! (turned out to not be that easy to get it). And so I bought a pink 3DS XL with Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and Theathrythm Final Fantasy, US version. All brand new. I love this shop as they were very informative and took care of setting my 3DS up, got to try it before buying it, have a one year warranty, put the screen protection on, and gave me a HK adaptor. Will definitely go there again when I need a new game. I just need to send them a Whatsapp message and they will order it for me. Something that most shop there didn't want to be when I asked..

They also gave a good discount, so I was really happy. I paid 2100 HKD (originally it would have been something like 2350HKD) for the whole thing, when my brother back in France told me he bought his 3DS for 210 euros ! I feel so grateful for being here. 

As I need a hard drive too, I thought I might as well get one there. So I got a ADATA hard drive, 1TiB for 499HDK, looks super cool with the puzzle design and I like the fact that you can put the cable around it ! It also works smoothly. 

Ooopsy, I can't help getting Kitties...



  1. hello im a 19 years old spanish guy who is trying to find 3ds xL in hongkong with pokemon Y with a good prize and im not sure where could i go to fing it... could you help me pls??

    1. Hi Jaime, you should definitely go to the Golden Computer centre in Sham Shui Po ! Gadget game shop has for sure a 3DS XL and will probably have Pokemon Y, if they dont, they will order it for you. They speak english and are friendly. Im pretty sure they will give you a price if you ask nicely, and buy maybe two games or something. :)