Thursday, 12 September 2013

♡ Discovery : Hong Kong Turning Into Home Kong ♡

✿ I came to Hong Kong for the first time in 2011. My boyfriend at the time was modeling there, so I got the opportunity to come over and model as well. Lucky enough, I stayed in Sheung Wan, a pretty western part of HK, with a couple of models and got my own room ! (Not everyone gets this luxury).
I loved HK. I loved the energy, I loved the weather (though this humidity+hotness combo is a killer at time) and being into anything that is cute. ♥☆♥*:.。.ヽ(*▽*)ノ.。.:*♥☆♥ 
I stayed for two months, worked well, met new people and made some friends, but still, I had to go back to France after this short stay.

✿ Being in Paris, nothing really happened and all I wanted was to go back to HK.
I sorted it out with my agent, and there I was, February 2012, back in HK with a new agency and a contract of three months. Going back felt like going home. It was so good.

✿ Moving into a new model apartment, shared with super nice people. Loved it there, and as I extended my stay in HK, I got asked to get my own place by the agency. (you know, they have to keep space for the new comers). That's how I moved in with my good friend Nicoline and moved in Wontonmeen
This place, is amazing. 

✿ I am so grateful that I got to know this place and live there so far. I have amazing neighbors, and friends. All creative, into what they are doing and always there. It makes me feel like I have a new family and make me feel stable as well.

✿ Lots of people come and go here, and it's a bit difficult to get stable relationships (especially when you hang out with other models, and they travel all the time), but nowadays, it's pretty easy to keep in touch and somehow, people always come back to Home Kong.

✿ So far, I don't feel at all like going back to France, I enjoy life here. I have fun, met amazing people from all over the World, feel inspired, work well.. I get to discover other parts of Asia, which I've always been attracted to. I got to meet friends from all over the world, that I met on MySpace in my teenage ! That's pretty epic. (if any of you read those lines, come and visit me !)

✿ Also, being far from home and my family is pretty hard and I miss them of course. But at the same time, it forces you to grow up and take care of yourself. I don't think I would be this independent if I was living there still. No matter what I was on my own and had to make it.
I sometimes think of Hong Kong as a parallel life, as if, if anything happens, I could always return to France, back to my cocoon. It makes life lighter.

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