Saturday, 21 September 2013

★ Look #1 : So you wanna date ? ★

Styling and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
Make-up : Anael Darmon

Nicoline and I have a bunch of fun creating this images. I'm really happy to be collaborating with her again and yeah ! Blueberry muffin and Sausage stick are back, weehuu ! 

As a kid, did you also watch the Ninja turtles ? Maaan, I used to love it. It was so funky and strange... You gotta admit. I was always puzzled on why they would always eat pizza and nothing else, they are missing out on so many yummy food ~ and also, how come they can walk around in the F★ck★ng city and nobody cares, or look at them ? I do get funny stares when I walk around in my Rilakumma outfit... some lovely smiles also~

Anyway, here's what I'm wearing, from head to toes

pale pink hat + few badges
Ninja turtles T-shirt (vintage)
Faux-leather shorts + hair clips for colors 
Adidas by Jeremy Scott
(oh god, I had no socks ! Ooops..)

I'm planning to put together looks on here and post them at least one per week~
Have a good week end, and for my HK fellows, be safe and enjoy the typhoon. I'm not planning to walk around in this one.. again.

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