Friday, 27 September 2013

★ Look #2 : What's up parties ? ★


Styling and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen
Make-up : Anael Darmon


YAY, it's Friday, Friday..~ and if you live in HK, you're more likely to be partying tonight, whoup whoup !
Whenever I go party I like to be comfy, smart and colourful ! I'm definitely not putting on high heels, because if I go to a club, I actually like to go and have fun on the dance floor (that's also why I won't put on a skirt or a dress, because it really doesn't bother me to dance, dressed like this) This is one of my favourite looks to put on.

Let's see what I'm wearing ~ 

Details and quick review 

★ Pink and Sweet sunglasses :
Super nice, then don't feel heavy at all, and they don't hurt behind your ears ~ Likey
This is one of my favourites ! I love the colour and the fabric quality is quite good. Not itchy at all, also, it's pretty see through. So you might wanna put a tube top underneath or be prepared to show your nipple~
★White denim shorts :
Sooooo comfy and yeah~ I think they look pretty flattering <3
★ H&M's sneakers :
Got them last summer and I really like them. The colour is awesome. I added some finger lights on them, perfect to party and make an impression on the dance-floor.
★ Backpack :
The shape and colour are awesssssome. I think it's big enough to go out and carry your wallet, touch up bag, and phone and there are two partitions inside. To close it, it has those magnet thingys, really handy :)


So where are you gonna go tonight ?

Dress to impress !


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