Saturday, 14 September 2013

♡ Modeling in HK tips #1 : How to get there ♡

Modeling is an amazing job, especially when it permits you to travel and go discover the World.
If you have a mother agency, the only thing to do is to ask your agent to get sent to your desired location. (piece of cake).
On the other hand, if you don't, you can either get in touch with an international scout or do all the work yourself. It's not that difficult if you know the tricks.

#1 Have your book, snaps and videos ready :
Overseas agencies won't see you before you get to go to the place, so they will ask you for a lot of recent photos and videos to have a good idea of your current look. So try to do as many tests as possible, build up a portfolio and get proper clean snaps (close up, half body length, and full body). In those snaps wear something that will show your figures the most, and do a light and natural make up. 

Get a "introduce yourself" video and "catwalk video". They want to see the way you move, body language is key.
It's not required by every agencies, but some of them may also ask for bikini photos (Japan and Korea ask for those).

#2 Pick your options/market/agencies :
Look around on the Internet and see which agencies would suit you. We all look different, and different cultures have different preferences. Some looks don't work in America, and do incredible in Asia.
Look up agencies and ask for feed backs. If you're already in the industry you probably have other model friends, who may have travelled. Ask them for advices and see which agencies to go with.
It's important to go with an agency that has a good reputation and not to get scammed. You're travelling alone to the other side of the World, make super sure that you're placing yourself in good hands.

#3 Send away :
Make a list of agencies you would like to go with. Send them an email, introducing yourself, giving them your measurements, your availability, your book, snaps and videos.
It can take some time before you get a respond, but all agencies usually reply, whether the respond is positive or negative. 

#4 We take you :
Before everything gets confirmed, the agency will send you a form and contract to sign. Read it carefully and compare with other offers. Go through it all, consider the pros and cons and make the right decision. Sometimes big agencies are good, because they have a huge reputation and lots of clients. But some small agencies might be just as good for you as they have not so many models and will push a lot for you. The best thing is to ask when kind of client they have and which market they think you would fit into. Then again, if they take the risk to bring you to them, I'm hoping they know what they are doing ;)

#5 Good to go :
Once everything is confirmed and signed, you only have to get yourself ready for discovery and new adventures ~
They will book your tickets and send you your Visa (unless that has be dealt otherwise in your contract), so they you better get packing as soon as possible. 

#6 Before leaving :
Get a travel insurance, you never know what's gonna happen.
Change some money and not at the airport, you don't wanna get ripped off, do you ?
Make sure you bring with you all the things that have been requested by your agency.
Be careful.

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