Sunday, 15 September 2013

♡ Modeling in HK tips #2 : Modeling for dummies ♡

You've got your ticket, you've got your passport, you've got your luggages, let's head to Hong Kong !
I will only focus on HK as it's the main place where I've been modeling and staying in the most.

Fast your seat belt and be prepared to watch a lot of movies. 

#1 From the airport to the city
On arrival, if you're lucky, you'll have someone picking you up and taking you to your place.
If not, no worries ! HK is a very convenient city and getting around is easy. It's an English friendly places, and every signs have both Chinese and English. The airport has free Wifi, so the best would be to use Google Maps and see where your place is. It's probably around Sheung Wan or Wanchai. Direct yourself towards the train and get a ticket to the city. (you can also get the lazy and more expensive way by getting there by taxi, it would cost you around 300~350HKD (30~35 euros), depending on how much luggage you have).

#2 Using the local transportation
The train will take you to Central, then you'll have to change to the Island Line MTR (subway system) to reach your destination. 
To use the MTR, I'd suggest that you get yourself a Octopus card, charge it and you're good  to go. This card not only gives you a small discount but also permit you to use the MTR/buses/tram/ferry, pay in the SuperMarket, convenient stores and other places such as Starbucks, Mrs Field cookies... it's amazingly useful. Swap and its paid !

#3 Models apartment
There are big chances that you will be sharing your place with several models. In the best case you have your own room, sometimes you'll have to share it with another model. (it should be someone of the same gender ;). It's a great occasion to make friends and to get some informations about the city and work. Don't be shy and socialize. 
It's always nice to have flatmates to hang out with, go to castings together and have fun ~

#4 Meet and greet the agency
As you arrive at the agency you will go through the whole arrival procedure. That is, taking measurements, taking snaps (so bring high heels) and videos, getting your book and compcards printed and getting your sim card (though I would actually advice to get your own, you can get one at 7eleven and it will be cheaper than getting one from your agency).
They should also provide you a map and your pocket money (the amount depends on your contract, but yes, in HK agencies provide you a weekly allowance).
And then, you should be good to go to your first casting !

#5 Castings and jobs
As you just arrived in town, you will have to go to a lot of castings and meet all clients. Which is awesome because it will take you to all parts of HK and make you discover the city.
Your agency will most of the time tell you about your castings the day before. It can be quite a tight schedule some day, with two castings, one job. Be prepared and be on time.
In HK, you will most likely do lots of weekly editorial, this ones usually don't require a casting and last 4 hours;, which is aaaawesome. They are also a lot of fun !
Don't be offended if your make up artist or hairstylist isn't so talkative. It's probably because their English isn't fluent and they feel shy about it.
If you're not familiar with Chinese food, maybe it would be better to bring some food with you (some snacks and stuff) because client will more likely order Chinese lunch.

Good luck !

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