Wednesday, 25 September 2013

♡ Modeling in HK tips #4 : How to get a MAC pro card ♡


Hi everyone, if you're like me and you love make-up, then I think this is gonna be helpful.
So far, I knew that make up artists could get a MAC pro card that would give them a discount whenever they go and shop at a MAC shop but last week, I heard that you could also get it if you're a model. I had no idea !

And so I went and get one for myself, youpi !
To get it, you need to go to a MAC shop (the proper shop, not just a MAC counter), there is one in APM shopping mall (Kwun Tong MTR station) and ELEMENTS shopping mall (Kowloon MTR station),you have to bring the followings.
  • Passport
  • Compcard
  • Modeling contract

They will ask you to fill a form and as soon as it's filled, they will provide you with a temporary card. And within the 3 coming months, you will receive your proper in your mail box. With the modeling card you will get a 20% off. Another model told me she got 30% off with her card, she made it in Paris though. But as far as I know, in HK, 20% off is offered to models and 30% off for make up artist.

Have a good day, and get your card :)


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