Tuesday, 17 September 2013

♡ Modeling in HK tips #3 : what's in my bag ♡


Walking around in Hong Kong, whether I'm going to a casting, a job or am just walking around this is what I always carry with me.

How many times did I look myself out ? Enough said.

My wallet
It's a little worn out and looks tired, but I love it so much. I bought it in a Korean shop in Beijing during my second visit. I loved this shop so much, it was filled with such cute things. I was there with my best friend and the first time, I had to be quick because I didn't want to make her wait for me. But I surely went back and spent a long time there to look at everything. Love it. (and that's one of the reasons why I like to shop alone~)

My octopus card (AKA Octo-pussy)
Because it is soooo convenient, I happened to forget it and I can tell you, those days, I get mad at myself. Because I don't really like carrying coins around and stuff. Octo-pussy, always with me.

My Ipod/Kindle/DS
I always carry either one of these in my bag. As I am in the transportation or at work, I like to keep myself entertained. I spend a lot of time getting my make up and hair done, or sometimes, just waiting. So I always make sure that I have something to keep myself busy. Most of the time I get my Kindle and read, currently I just finished reading The China Study (Dr Collin Campbell), and decided to start The Green Line (Stephen King).

Some make up
I don't bring much with me, as I would definitely do my make up at home and only carry a little bit for touch up. So I would take my travel kit by Lancome, Bobbie Brown concealer, my lipbalm (yumm mint/chocolate), black and white eyeliners, eye drops (these, are the bestest ever ! They work either you have dry or red eyes, must have for everyone wearing contact lenses). Probably I will also have some ibuprofen, just in case.

Water and food
Hong Kong is sooooo hot, I must have a bottle of water in my bag ! You just don't wanna take hydration lightly, especially here. Also, I hate to go hungry (well, who doesn't right) so I would always get some fruits in my bag, most of the time apples because they are easy on the go food, and my tiny cute box that I will fill with goji berries, raisins, and nuts.

Modeling stuff
And of course, as I run casting, I will have to bring with me my high heels (I'm definitely not the type that goes the whole day walking around in these, never happened, won't), book and compcard. Many people like to bring there "physical" and printed book but I find them so heavy... and I have a lot with me already, so I like to just get my iPad which has my book on it. Also then I find it easier to update it and oh oh, multitask. I have a bunch of games on there ! 

Extra jacket
Yes, Hong Kong is hot, no doubt. But guess what, hongkonguese are so crazy about the aircon, and I'm always freezing. So no more goose bums for me, I shall bring a jacket along with me !

So yeah, that's quite a few things huh. And this is why, I loooove backpacks ! They are so handy and and convenient. And, well.. mine is also super cute. CUTENESS OVERLORD !


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