Tuesday, 24 September 2013

♡ What do you put on your face ? ♡


Wherever you are, you have to look out on what you put on your face. No matter what your age, gender, skin type, is. You would think that shops are looking out for you and that if a product was harming, then it wouldn't be allowed for selling, right ? But, yah... no the case, at all. And you would think that high end products are better for you, and that you are paying the price for a skincare/product of quality, but even some of those are actually harmful.

Then again, you might be a bit like me, and don't really know how to read the back of a product. Man, I can even pronounce half of the words (yeah... "words)..). So to actually understand them, and know why there are inside my cream and what they do to me (either it's beneficial or harmful), well, I'm lost already.

Luckily I found EWG's Deep Skin's website that has an amazing database on products ! You have a browsing bar, so you can either put a brand name, a product name or just an ingredient. It is amazing.
Before buying product, I would recommend checking out what's inside, and how toxic it is. Cause if it hits a 7, you don't want it on your face for sure.
If they don't have it, try to search for the ingredients and judge how toxic it would be. And if it would be worth trying out.

Make sure you check it before using anything~