Saturday, 21 September 2013

♡ Discovery : What's best about Hong Kong ? ♡


I love Hong Kong, and that is because it is an amazing city. Since I got here, I can't picture myself living in another place. As I lived almost my whole life in France, I will compare the two places from one another. Here's a list of the things that make living in HK awesome.

#1 Safety
I've never felt frightened in HK ever. I can go home, alone, living in ShamShuiPo (it's like, a little "ghetto" for HK haha) in the middle of the night, and I never felt like I was in danger or anything. Whilst in Paris, maaan, using the metro in the middle of the day, I'm avoiding eye contacts and keep all my stuff in my bag and keep an eye on it. Here, people walk around with their phone at sight all the time ! Same for their wallet, nothing to be afraid of. I dropped my Octopus card couple time on the street, someone always came to me to give it back ! It's amazing.

#2 Convenient stores
OK, we don't have those at all in France, and when I came back to Paris, I really missed them. They are not the most convenient in Asia, but still, 7Eleven and Circle K are amazing and will most likely do the trick for any midnight craving. They also have so many cute things all the time ! (Patricia always finds a way to get me the best present there <3)
For the best or the worst, McDonald is also open 24/7... not that I go but, you know... just sayin'.

#3 Transportation
I talked about it before, transportation here is awesome, and cheaper than Paris, wayyyy cheaper. The tram is only 2,3HKD and it doesn't matter if use it for traveling 2 stations or 20. If you have time, it's a nice way to get to see the whole HK Island.
Night buses and minibuses are available for party people. I love the minibus, it goes sooo fast ! You have to try it.
Taxis are very cheap here, it's 20HKD for the first 2km and 1.5HKD for every additional 200m. Extra charges for luggages, and if you need to go through tunnels.

#4 Shopping
Whilst shops close around 6~7 in France, here, you can come until at least 22:00. Wherever you go, you will always find some sales or cool offers. You might wanna try to bargain in some shop, when prices are not showing, most sales actually do some deals for you. (oh yeah clothes, make up and randomness ~) Shop until you drop.

#5 Laundry
I haven't done my laundry in more than a year, and that's a luxury I wouldn't be able to afford back in France. But in HK, it is so cheap !!! Prices differ from one laundry to another, but usually I pay like 40HKD for my weekly laundry. How cheap is this ?! They clean it and press iron it for you. It is amazing. I only had a problem once, couple weeks ago when a dress came back with holes... muuuh. It was a pretty sensitive one I guess. Otherwise, never had a problem. My tip is to ask your neighbors where to go, try it, and if it's good, stick to it !

#6 Weather
Well, it's (almost *cough*) always sunny here


Doesn't it just make you wanna come live in HK with me ?
Come on, just do it. No wonder why there are so many foreigners here, and guess what, French people are #1 ~!


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