Friday, 18 October 2013

♡ Daily : Paint your nails and fall in love with Pear Soup ♡


Hi everyone, I hope all of you had a great day. Week end is coming up and I'm sure all of you are super excited (yes to rest/play/hang out and sleep in, youhou).
Friendship watches : We are matching with my best friend Florent, such a lovely present ! Love you ~

Today was a pretty chill friday, I only had a casting to go to so I decided I had some time to paint my nail. I tried my new 3 Concept eyes' nail polish, the BL01. It's a very pale baby blue, kinda greyish. I really like that kind of color. It's my second time using 3CE nail polishes, and I like them a lot, their colors are amazing, I like their thick brushes and their packaging. I'm still having trouble with the thickness of the product though, it's a bit too thick I'd say, but I guess that's something I will have to get used to. Or maybe I will add some nail polish remover at some point.
If you don't know 3CE, it's a really cook Korean brand. I've been pretty obsessed with it recently. They have so many bright colors, 
After my casting, I decided to stop by a small japanese library we have on Nathan road, near the exit B of Prince Edward MTR. This is such a nice shop. They carry a lot of Japanese magazines, and books (mostly idol's book) and a lot of the magazines aren't wrapped so you can have a look at what's inside. I got tempted by PopTeen, I sometimes took a look at some scans on the internet but never got the proper published one. It's been such a long time since I bought a magazine, I haven't done it since I was a teenager (well, ok, I did buy the magazines I made the cover of, but that's about it). I feel a little bit nostalgic about it. Aaaah.... back in the days, with no Internet, all the infos we got were from magazines and newspaper... I feel old haha.
And here I am going home to cooked food made by my friend Patricia. She's amazing and her pear soup is one of my favorite dishes, no joke. It tastes so sweet and fresh, it's healthy and will keep you warm through winter (not that it's anything close to being cold here). It's basically asian pears, some chest nuts (am I right Pat ?) and water and sugar to taste, oh and Pat's secret ingredient is love, shhhhh... ♡

What are you guys planning to do this week end ? For me it's gonna be a lot of retouching for the shoot I did for Soul Out and a photo shoot on sunday. And I'm sure it will be surrounded by a lot of laughing and fun :D


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