Wednesday, 16 October 2013

♡ Discovery : My trip to Guangzhou ♡


As some of you may know, I've spent some time in Guangzhou recently, and this place is so much different from what I expected. I didn't know it was this big and modern, I thought it was less developed that it actually is ! Gladly surprised I spent an amazing time there with my friends Steven and Olivier. (Even though I still had some drama when Olivier gave me his a phone number with a missing digit... Welcome to China !
Fruits and veggies shop in Olivier's residence, They had the yummiest bananas I've ever had
Super yummy thai fusion restaurant. It was so good ! That I only got to take a photo of our green curry... They had some strange dishes though, like Frog Fat on Papaya... Non, merci~
Creepiest toy everrrr ! I don't know who's gonna get this for their kid ! Unless.. they've been naughty. The peace sign makes him look like a mong/rapist
So luckily I had an awesome tour guid-Steven to show me around in Guangzhou, because I knew nothing about the city and even though I've lived in HK for a while, I don't speak much Cantonese, let alone Mandarin... so yeah, Steven to the rescue with a fluent Mandarin~ We stayed in the Center of Guangzhou, it is such an amazing place and it is so convenient. We lived right next to a huge shopping mall with tons of shops, supermarkets and restaurants. Away from the Internet and all sources of stress (yup, no Facebook nothing in China... which is frustrating when you get all the notification but can't open/read/see anything), I mainly spent my time relaxing and shopping. Reconnecting in real life with Steven that I met so long ago, ON MYSPACE ! I feel old saying that, but it feels like "back in the days, we met people on Myspace..." awesome. Back then we were so young, still trying to figure out what to do after high school (college for him) and hoping for the best. So far so good~ and we're still fresh :D
This block close to Steve's place was the cutest place ever. So peaceful and chilled. Every city I go to, I always look for this kind of scenery. Filled with cafes, small cute shops and colors

And there is the Market ! Shopping is awesome there ! Prices and choice are insane ! But hey, most of our stuff or made from there, makes perfect sense~ 
Garment whole sale is at GUANGZHOU station.
Leather wholesale at YUEXIUHUAYUAN station.
Accessories at HAIZHU station.
I had so much fun in Guangzhou, I will visit again ! 

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