Sunday, 27 October 2013

♡ Haul : Too Cool For School make-up ♡


By the name of it, I kinda had a hint that I would love this brand, Too Cool for School, how awesome is that.
And damn, yes, I love this brand so so much. The quality is good, the packaging is really cute, and makes a lot of sense in their art direction, and it's also very clever.

I went to their counter in Harbour city, in the Ocean Terminal, and it's such a drag to go their... It feels like an endless walk, but as you reach it, you feel so accomplished.

I didn't keep the receipt (it was all in chinese anyway...) so I don't have the prices anymore but I think their prices are at the range of Etude house.

BB foundation Lunch box
I love this one ! I think it's such a cute and clever idea. In the bottom part of the container you have your BB foundation, and on the top part you have one concealer and one corrector. And a mirror. I like to use it when sleeping over to someone's so I can keep it to a minimal.

Check Cake Blusher
This blush is a combination of 4 different tints, you just have to swirl over them with your blush brush. It gives a nice pinkish blush with a shimmery finish. 

Art Class Pencil Eraser
This pencil is so handy, you just have to apply the white end on the eyeliner, or mascara mistake you made and whip it off with the other end. Pooof ! It's gone. Really handy. You will have to sharpen the white end ;)

Blue 1 Day tattoo Waterproof Eyeliner
I didn't try it yet.

Waterproof eyeliners
I love the colors ! Purple and Coral, it is also so easy to apply. Very smooth. The packaging is convenient, as you have a brush on the top of the container. Perfect.

Bad Girl Good Girl
On one side you have a red lip tint, I really like the taste and smell of it. It's not to sweet but as a distinct flavor. Like <3 and one the other end you have the gloss. I usually don't really fancy glosses as I find them so sticky, but I like this one. I also make sure that my hair is tie up.

Maybe baby lip
Pairs a lip scrub and a lip balm.

Color Beam Stick
I believe I picked the #3 (if that's the correct ref, I wish they would give some sort of names to their different colors) but it's a nice nude color, very moisturizing.

Dinoplatz Lost Identity
I was so puzzled when I saw this lipstick ! MINT turning into PINK. Awesomeness ! I like it. I don't really know how it work but as I used it, the end of the stick turned pink too. Nice !
It claims to be waterproof, I have yet to put it to the test !

Pearl Bay Invasion #Mother of pearl

Dinoplatz eye shadow on Platiron
Nice shimmery eye base. I picked both of them, #Lavender and #Bronze.

Escalator Mascara and Pop up Mascara
Gentle on the eyes when removing your make up. You can wash it off with warm water.


Here's a map of the shops around in Asia, lucky us in Hong Kong :) See you soon Too Cool For School ~


  1. You got so many products!
    This is a great haul :)
    I haven't tried too cool for school before :p
    I might try it in the future :)

    1. I did ! and that's only the make up, I bought some cosmetics as well ;)
      I really like the colors, they are really pigmented too~ Let me know what you think of it. x

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