Wednesday, 30 October 2013

★ Look #6 : Walking on clouds ★

 Styling, make-up, editing and art direction : Sophie Traverse
Photographer : Nicoline Aagesen

Hoihoi, Nicoline and I are back with a freshly shot new lookbook (we just shot it today and I got so excited that I edited it right away) and here I am posting it, even though I said I would wait until tomorrow... 
Oh patience, fXck off.

Details and quick review 

★ Blue hat with studs from Memoire Flash
★ Leather jacket : I have had this one for so long ! I got it from YesStyle, and I love love it so so much.
★ Collar with studs : Got them from Soul Out I think they are so nice because are not just a fake collar, they still button up with mean they don't get out of place as much as the one button ones... if you know what I mean.
★ Flower pattern sweater : Love it. It is perfect for the weather now (I can't stand cold huuuh) looks smart ~ Soul out
★ Uneven white short from Soul out.
★Sleeh sneakers :  Well, you know my thoughts about them, love.


How beautiful was the weather and sky today.
I'm so happy we got to shoot with this beauty today with Nico. We got so so lucky.
The wind was graceful too.

Whoever left a TV on our rooftop, thanks ! It is so photogenic~


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