Tuesday, 29 October 2013

♡ Review : Sleeh.com choo choo ♡

Few months ago I did a shoot for Sleeh.com, an online shoe shop with my friends Amber and Inga.
We had so much fun shooting together, I like that kind of shoot when we just do whatever and improvise ~
"Can you lay down and put your legs up on the wall
- Damn right I can !"

Afterwards, I got to choose which shoes I liked and took most of them home.
And guess what, yesterday I got the awesome surprise to receive some of their new arrival, weehuu shoooooes ♡ Let me shoe you~


These are hands down my favorite. I'm a sucker for sneakers and boots, I can't help it.
They look so awesome and comfy as well. What I like also it that there is an inner heel. Yay for longer legs. 

Wish they have a zipper though, you just can't have it all~ 


I didn't have this kind of shoes and thought it would be great to have a pair. I like the color, it's like a dark metallic, they feel pretty nice too. I was afraid because they are so flat, that they'd make me feel like I barely have a sole, but nope, all good.

Gonna look so smart


How cute are this ?! They will look so awesome with a pastel winter dress. Can't wait !
Such a pretty baby pink. I like the the suede texture too.


As many people know, I'm not a big fan of heels, I only wear them when I have to (i.e. work that is) but I fell in love with those. They are so cute and comfy (as far as I know for now).
Shiny velvet, and bow. How cute !

As I am a 39 1/2 EU, I picked all of the shoes in a 40EU. They are fit well, the sneakers are a proper 40EU, they feel lose a bit. But those last ones feel a bit tight, so even though you're a right 39EU, I'd advice to get a size bigger.


Thanks for much Sleeh for the package, I will make sure to walk on awesomeness daily ~ yay.

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  1. What a great shoot! The pictures came out really well :)
    Their shoes look pretty interesting