Saturday, 19 October 2013

♡ Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : Bigger, faster, cuter ♡


 I finally got a new phone ! After struggling with a lagging Samsung Galaxy Note One, I upgraded to a Note 3. And it is amazing !
Luckily since I had a silicone Rilakumma phone case (Iphone users can find it here), I stretched it a little bit, but it fits the Note 3 as well, hehe.I tried with the plastic cases as well, but forget it, it's a lost attempt. Anyways the outlook of my phone is great, but what I love about Android is that you can totally pimp your phone up. Even without rooting it, I actually achieved a look that I totally love. Let me share with you~

The first thing you wanna pimp when it comes to customizing your Android is to pick a launcher. I used to love Go Launcher, and used it all the time. Though it was a bit difficult to run on my Note 1 at times, because it was so slooooow. But I stumbled up Buzz Launcher and I love love love it. You have so many themes to choose from, and then you're free to change/mix it as you want.
As an addition, I'd advice to get Phone Theme Shop. I think it's a korean app, but it doesn't matter to really understand everything. You just want to change the look of your phone, so Download and Apply are enough for you to understand. In the app you can download themes for your Facebook, Twitter, Go SMS (and some other messaging apps), your keyboard... As well as for your lockscreen.
Don't forget to also get the Buzz Custom Widgets app
♡ Lockscreen 
♡ Facebook theme found on Phone Theme shop
♡ Go SMS theme found on Phone Theme shop
♡ Twitter theme found on Phone Theme shop
♡ Keyboard theme found on Phone Theme shop
♡ I used iFont to change my font to Chococooky

When you download Facebook and Twitter theme, they will ask you to uninstall the app first and them download the theme, just go ahead and do it :)


I don't know about you but customizing my phone is so fun to do. I can spend hours browsing for the right layout or the right image. I think it makes the whole phone experience much more enjoyable. The only problem I stumble upon is with the Facebook app theme. Because of the theme, the message part isn't working and always forces close itself. You can go around it by using Messenger, which I use anyways.

I know there is few things you don't talk about, even with friends, and that included the whole Android/iOs or the Apple/Windows debate... as far as I'm concerned I'm definitely an Android girl because it offers me the freedom to customize my phone, something I hardly had with an iPhone, even after going through a Jailbreak.


To learn more about the feature of the Note 3, watch this videos. I found it this morning and it taught me a lot about how to use the tips and tricks of the Note 3.


What about you ? Do you use an Android as well ? If so, what does it look like ? 

What are you favorite apps ?



  1. I want the Note 3 too <3
    I still use my samsung galaxy note and it still works great :)
    OMJ, those themes are so cute! I use dodol launcher from Korea and they have a lot of cute themes as well :)
    I can also spend a lot of time just browsing for the right theme hihi..

    1. I know the feeling ! Everytime I see a cute theme Im melting inside.
      It's nice to hear that your Note 1 is still running well, mine is lagging so so much, I dont even have any games !
      Maybe Dodol launcher is more stable than Go Launcher ?

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  3. Merci j'adoooore !! c'est vraiment trop trop mignon :3
    Tu as essayer Dodol launcher? ca vaut le coup? :o
    J'espère que tu auras d'autres trucs à nous montrer ;D Moi perso j'ai le Note 2 et j'ai toujours été sur Go launcher :<
    Si tu as d'autres applis sympa je suis preneuse :3
    Pour FB j'ai essayée mais ca n'actualise pas le fil d'actualités :'( il me dit de réinstaller facebook mais vu que je l'ai déjà grace a l'appli...
    Bisous Nina <3

  4. J ai eu le meme probleme avec l application pour Facebook.. Du coup je suis repassee a la version standard. J espere qu ils feront une mise a jour bientot !
    Pour Dodol Launcher, j avoue ne pas avoir tester parce que je suis completement comblee avec Buzz launcher. Tu as essaye ? Je trouve les icones mignonnes, mais Buzz est plus sophistique je trouve.

    Je te tiendrais au courant si je fais de nouvelles trouvailles :D xx

    1. Hmm je viens d'installer justement Buzz launcher avec un theme D: plutot sympa! faut que je fouille encore un peu *-* hehe
      C'est vrai que sur Go launcher je cherchais plutot des icones mignonnes, un peu bonne enfant mais avec Buzz ca fait classe mais en gardant le coté mignon :D
      Merci o/ j'ai hate de lire tes prochaines découvertes et aventures :3

  5. Hi! Ive been looking for twitter and fb themes from phone themeshop and I couldnt find it so Im glad I found ur blog..can u pls send me the apks if u still have them?will be much appreciated! Email me @ thank u!

    1. Hi there, unfortunately I am not using these anymore. TT_TT

  6. You could be qualified to get a Apple iPhone 7.