Friday, 8 November 2013

♡ MakeUp tuto / Princess Cupcakes look ♡

Hello everyone, I'm gonna show you one of my favorite make up to wear. I love wearing edgy looks, but I also really enjoy being all cute and act Kawaii~ whenever you feel like being a cutie, go for the Princess Cupcake look, it looks adorable.

Apply your usual BB cream or foundation and make sure your skin is perfect looking concealing any imperfection. For this look I like to use Etude House BB cream, because it's easy to apply and it is slightly paler than my skin, giving it a dolly look. 
Don't forget to do your eyebrow and moisturize your lips ;)
(I use Dermagram lipcare, Cyber colors brown eyebrows pencil and EyeBrow Coat from Jusco)

Moving on to your eyes, I use Too cool for school base cream eyeshadow, I like it's light and shimmery color and its easy application, soft on your eyelid.
Using Etude House dual cupcake eyeshadow in Strawberry, apply the yellow over your eyelid. Then using the pink, apply in the outer corner of your eye, and in your crease, all the way to your inner corner. Don't forget to blend with a 3rd brush to create a nice cotton candy smokey.

Now you need a nice cat eyeliner. I used my Pink 3 Concept eyes eyeliner.
To make your eyes look bigger apply it also under your eyes, without closing it. 
You can also apply a white or beige eyeliner in your waterline. It will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger ! 
And of course, apply a generous amount of mascara to your lashes. You can also apply fake eyelashes, this look is definitely not meant to be natural at all~ 

Time to blush ! How adorable in this blush from Etude House : Marie Antoinette. I love it so much, it looks cute, shimmery and has a rose smell. Apply it on the apple on your cheeks until your feel like your cute enough~

I bought those adore lipbalms a long time ago at Watson's but never got to really use them. Kinda use them for show this time. They look adorable and cute on your lips, but they are extremely sticky and I don't feel like they do anything to my lips... I may end up scooping them out and using the containers haha.

Jumping in my favorite Strawberry sweater ! Im good to go~ 
Hope you enjoy this look as much as I do  ♡


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