Thursday, 7 November 2013

♥ My night-time routine, remove your make-up ♥


Hi everyone, after a long day wearing make up, it's finally time to remove it. No matter how tired and lazy you were, make removing your make-up a priority. There is nothing better than giving your skin a gentle break and let it breath.
First I like to use my Make Up For Ever  Moisturizing cleaning cream, it is very gentle and will remove all kind of make-up including waterproof. I just put a little bit on the edge of my fingers and start rubbing it on my eyes, then I will spread it to my entire face. The more eyeliners and mascara I have on, the greyer my face will be.

Then, using a baby wipe, I will wipe off the cream. Boom, all clean.

Because I wear contact lenses, I'm always checking the inside of my eyes. Using a Q-tip, I will catch all the dirty that can be inside. Don't wanna get any eye infections~

I will move on the cleansing my face, using my Too cool for School Come clean cleanser, I think it very gently, has a nice smell and leave me feeling refresh. I like to apply it and make it foam with the brush I got from the Wonder Pore kit by Etude House.
I filled this press bottle from Etude House with Bioderma. I like this kind bottle a lot, it helps a lot getting the right amount of product and it's perfect for traveling as well.

To moisturize my face I'm currently using Etude House Moistfull cream and eye-cream. These are the samples I got last time I was shopping there. I really like it, but I still have to try some other samples. But yeah, since I like it I may get the full size ones. :D

Lipcare time, I can't go to sleep without anything on my lips. Dermagram~! <3

And there you go, all clean and fresh, ready for bed.
What do you like to do before going to sleep ? I feel like an old person sometimes, but I like to read before sleep. (and when I can't sleep) I'm also about to finish The Green Line by Stephen King (so so good), any book recommendations ?



  1. I'm surprised at the amount of products you use. You take really good care of yourself, how did you make your routine? I've been using Cetaphil's Moisturizer and Cleanser for 8 years and haven't thought of trying new products. My face isn't in the best condition, it's always dry(no moisturizer) or oily(with moisturizer). I thought it was just my own skin condition, but I'd really like to change that.

    1. Hi Irenee, yeah I use quite a lot of products. I usually like to pick up a new product from time to time and try them out and see how my skin reacts. I have a pretty dry and sensitive skin, so I try to avoid alcohol in my cosmetics.
      As for your skin, having oily skin doesnt mean it doesnt need to be moisturized :D That's why your skin is dry anyhow, especially in winter Im sure :) Try to get a moisturizer that would be acne prone, so it wont break you out. Why not try Cetaphil moisturizer ? , if Cetaphil cleaner makes you happy so far ? Maybe it will suit your skin~ I hope this helps.