Wednesday, 13 November 2013

♡ Shopped at Jusco (Daiso) and Etude House ♡


Someone's been doing a little shopping ~ I needed to pick up some stuff from Jusco (or Daiso) and decided to go to Mongkok. And of course, I can not help but look around, going to Etude House and ended up getting a few things.
Jusco is amazing, because they have so much. But there is a lot of things I don't usually get because I just have no idea about the quality (and I tried few things and either they didn't work or they hurt me... Do no like the Jelly water thingy, bad dupe for Cure...) 
What products are you happy with ? My only one is their Eye brow coat :D


Cutest cover everrrr. It's the first time I saw a flip cover made of some kind of silicone (this one is cool because it doesn't feel sticky or anything, you know how annoying is it to be the hair/dust catcher ...)
Fits my Note 3 perfectly, I can still reach to my stylus easily and it's supa cute.
I love the imprint inside, it's a nice details.

I always lurked at the candles and smell-good thingies and never gave them a try. 
I didn't burn the candle yet, but it smells kinda like vanilla ice cream, and the essence is a bit disappointing. It smells if I'm very close to it. But I can not say that my room smells vanilly at all (and it's definitely not huge). Not impressed.

These socks are the cutest !! I love how fluffy they are, and as winter is coming, I'm sure I will be super happy to have them :)

This container is perfect to pack some product to travel, from top to bottom :
Loose powder

I picked up this nail polish from Etude House. Surprisingly I didn't wanna get anything from them ... Strange.. I'm still looking forwards what will come out around Christmas !
Anyhow, I love how this nail polish looks ! I used it to coat Frenzy (Chanel) and it looks super cute.
It's always a bit difficult to get the big glitters out and get them to stick on your nails, but when you do, you feel so happy ! I got a HEART, super proud.



  1. OMJ, the My melody case is sooo cute <3
    I wish they had one for my samsung note n7000

  2. What kind of phone do you have ? There is always so many cute iPhone case !! Got lucky this one time :D