Monday, 25 November 2013

♡ Tony Moly, Intense care snail Hydro-gel mask ♡
French girl puts snails on her face !

Sunday nights are the best for pampering yourself, and I like do you so with a sheet, or gel mask. 
Tony Moly has those two Snail care gel mask, the gold one is the deep moisturizing one and the black one is for anti-aging.
Snails have been pretty popular in Asia so I decided to give it a go. Trying the gold one this time.

♡ Directions and specifics : ♡ 

Tear open and apply to face. Leave for 20~30 minutes and remove.
♡ Skin nourishing and deep moisturizing mask sheet with extracted mucin element from snails.
♡ Snail secretion filtrate (containing 10,000ppm) / Irritation - Free formula

Contain astonishing filtered liquid of snail mucin that is source of boosting vitality. Fully replenishes skin with its ample moisture to solidify skin's hydration barrier. In addition, a plant extract called Ceramium kondoi protects the exasperated skin against the external damage by supplying the necessary nutrition to skin.This unique mask helps to brighten and moisturize skin with hydration gel.
The gel sheets are kept in two different plastic sheets. The mask is separated in two parts for a easy application. (though Im terrible with those those things).
They feel very soft and nice. I also really like their scent. It's not over empowering and pleasant. It definitely makes you forget that it's made of snails ♡
Sheet masks turn you in serial killer !
It feels pretty comfortable, it doesn't budge and stays in place. You can move if you want and go around the house, talking is fine too.
I decided to leave it for 30 minutes to get the best results. And I could feel that it was about time, as the sheets felt drier, so I guess my skin absorbed all the moisturizer :D
Living my skin soft and moisturized. I actually didn't use my cream last night and I woke up this morning, I could still feel it.
I don't know if as they recommend "Remove" they mean that you should wipe your face off, but I left it on. And well, my face feels nice ♡


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