Monday, 25 November 2013

♡ Tutorial : Little red vamp ♡

Today's tutorial is definitely not a day to day make up, but as I dress in that red shirt I felt like getting a little bit vampy ~
I love make up because I don't take it too seriously and also let myself get whatever look I feel like. Especially when it's a no-casting no-job day. Then I can do WHAT I WANT.
So yeah, fun it is !
Do your usual foundation, eyebrows and lip moisturizing routing. Correcting all kind of flaws.
(ah... dark circles die hard...) and don't skip on an eyeshadow primer (I use the one from Too cool for school), it will your eyeshadow something to grasp on, so it won't budge and it will also be more colorful.
If your skin tone is pretty dark, get a lighter shade for a vampier look. Don't forget to cover your neck as well. 

Moving on the eyes, I will be using my Ultimate 288 eyeshadows palette from Coastal Scents. 
Follow the stars to get the same colors as me. 

First apply the white matte eyeshadow all over your eyelid with one brush.

Then using a second brush, apply your red eyeshadow along your lash line and bring it up and drag it in the creese of your eye. Then bring it down under your bottom lash line. 
Then blend in with a thirst brush, blend blend blend until you get a nice smokey.
If you blend to much and it gets messy, just use a little bit of makeup remover and a Q-tip to correct and define the edges. 
Before applying my eyeliner, I also put some more white in my middle lid as I like it better with more light.
Draw a continuous line with your eyeliner (using my Topshop waterproof eyeliner pencil) and I over pass my actual eye to make it look bigger. Then drag it down too. Smudge it with a eyeliner brush
I know some people think it's a no-no, but I also put eyeliner in my water line. It does make your eyes smaller, but also more intense ! And as my eyes are big... ya know... give it a go and see which look you like better. 
Using my 10 Blushes palette from Costal Scents, I'm contouring my face a little bit.
No blushes required. It would look way to healthy for the dark look we're looking for.
Now moving on to my lips, I'm applying Too cool for school lip tint and gloss.
Giving an idea of what you had for breakfast, haha.
Apply the tint in the center of your lips to create a bitten lips effect and apply the gloss over it. 

And we're done ! How did it turn out ?




  1. Sophie you are so cute, I can't stand it! Wonderful and easy-to-follow tutorial. Love your blog!