Monday, 23 December 2013

♡ HANAKA Chu Chu lip scrub ♡
Strawberry and Cotton Candy

 It's getting cold (and that's all I'm talking about) and my lip are getting dry and chapped. That's when a nice lip scrub gets in being very handy and somewhat necessary. None one likes having their lips super dry and hurting, not even the macho-iest man.

For soft and moisturized lips and smile, HANAKA chu chu lip scrub to the rescue ! 

I bought this lipscrub at the Princess shop in Mongkok in october if I remember and it cost me around 50 or 60 hkd.
The cute, pink packaging is to die for. I love the look of it.
Baby pink and some touches of blue, with kawaii graphics... adorable and yummy.
 The smell does smell, as promised, like a mix of both strawberry (like the artificial one, like Haribo Tagada smell) and cotton candy. For the taste of it, it really tastes like the candy sugar you would find coating any kind of strawberry candies.
One thing that got me a bit annoyed is that the lip scrub didn't come with a box or any instructions. So I found myself not know what is inside their product...
 The texture is like a wet sugar. It's a little bit difficult to get lot of it at once. Definitely dig a second time.
Apply it on all over both upper and lower lip and start scrubbing. The sugar can easily drop off your lips as you're scrubbing them, but I always lift my chin up to try to keep it tidy. 
 I tend to keep on scrubbing until all the sugar melted and on my lips.
 And there you are left with only dead skins.. eww. Do not lick.
Wipe it with a baby wipe or something, unless... well, some people are strange huh ;)
Finally, apply your favorite lip balm on top of your brand new fresh and even lips.

I really like this lip scrub, it smells good, looks good and makes my lips feel very nice and smooth.
I use it at night every time I feel my lips need it, two nights in a row if they are really dry. 
This lip scrub will really help even though your lips are very very dry. You will only need to use it several nights in a row, until all the dead skins are gone. You don't wanna over do it, and get bleeding lips... Be gentle.

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  1. I love the sparkle!!!