Tuesday, 3 December 2013

♡ MAC workshop and upcoming trends ♡

Photo : James Molloy
Make up : Ryuko Lau

One of my favorite part of modeling is that I get to work with so many talented people. Stylists, designers, hairstylists and make up artists.
I get to see how everyone works and then you realize that there is so many ways to work with makeup. And everyone masters what suits them the most. I get to be first row to see what they use and how.
I also get to see the latest and upcoming trends and that is awesome. I really enjoy it.
And luckily you get to work with friends, and that's the cherry on the cake.
(can you say that in english ? Maybe it doesn't make any sense, pardon my french)

As for the MAC workshop I modeled for, it's all about going back to our femininity.
Revisiting classic and elegant looks.
A subtle highlight, sculpting the face, playing and mixing texture, and reflexions.

Color wise, I think we will see a lot of orange neon, lavender and apricot.
I can't wait !



  1. We say "Cherry on top" rather than 'cherry on the cake'. What is that in french?

    1. Oooh cherry on top, Ive heard that one ;) In french Cherry on the cake would translate as La cerise sur le gateau. Yum