Saturday, 28 December 2013

♡ Too cool for school lip scrub duo lip balm ♡
Maybe baby lip

Continuing on my lip care, I wanted to review a lip scrub and balm, 2 in 1, from Too Cool for School, that I find really handy. 
Too Cool for School makes my life easier as they produced a lip scrub paired with a lip balm.
I like the texture of the scrub, it's a kinda creamy scrub, with tiny tiny pieces of scrub. Definitely thiner that sugar. I would describe it as this very fine sand you would find on a paradise island, if that helps.
To apply it you can you the plastic spatula, on spatula-ful is enough to get the right amount of product I need to scrub my lip.
Then as any other scrubs, you just have to rub your finger on your lips until the product melts and disappear. I particularly like this scrub because the texture is very compact and won't fall off as I rub it on my lip. It feels very comfortable and tidy.
And there goes the deadskin, onom nom nom nom... 
Then apply their lip balm. I find it quite nice but it's a little bit hard (though it might be amplified by the temperature...) and I still find it quite moisturizing, not the best, but it's nice. I like the non-shininess of it though. Perfect if you're a guy !

Actually, I use two different scrubs for my lips depending on how dry my lips are. I like to use Maybe Baby lip if my lips aren't that dry instead of the HANAKA one, since it's less messy and easier to use.

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