Friday, 6 December 2013

♡ Tutorial : Casting ready ♡

As I get ready to go to a casting, unless I know that the brand would appreciate a certain kind of make up, I tend to my make up fresh, youthful looking and simple. I try to highlight my favorite feature, my eyes.
Let's get started.

The weather got colder here so I make sure to keep my face moisturized, using the Make a difference toner and moisturizing cream. They smell and feel so good.
So I apply Shu Uemura youth infusing eye concentrate and EOS lipbalm, yummy~ 
Then I move on to my face. I first apply Creme de chou secret recipe base from Etude House, and my BB cream from Etude House. Concealing any imperfection and dark circles (as much as I can, they are so hard to die...) with IPSA concealer. And finishing up with MUJI pearl powder.

Filling and balancing my eyebrows with MAC eyebrow powder, and gluing them with my eyebrow coat from Jusco.
I will bring a little bit of definition to my face with a brown-ish blush from Coastal Scents.

Moving on to the eyes. Youhou.
I first use my bronze eye primer from Too cool for school and then use my eye shadow palette from Cle de Peau. Using the first color from the left all over my eyelid. Then using the second color, at the end of my eye. I will bring it up to my crease, and down, under my eye. It will create a little bit of depth. To make my eye appear bright and more awake, I like to apply the last color in the inner corner of my eye.

I'm lucky to have pretty long lashes and I should turn it to my advantage, shouldn't eye.
I first curl my eyelashes, and using a waterproof pencil, I will fill in the gap of my lash slightly. Drawing a line at the root of my eyelashes. It is a bit scary to do at first, and can be a little bit ticklish, but it really make them appear fuller. Then I will use Benefit They're real! mascara and this little plastic tool from Jusco. It will help me not to put mascara all over my eyeshadow. So useful.
This mascara is amazing, can you see how long it makes my lashes appear ! 
For a healthy looking cheeks, I like to use Like a doll blush from Pulpa.
Then I apply 3 Concept eyes highlighter on the tip of my nose, my cheek bones, center of my forehead and chin. I love this glow. 
This is not something I do all the time at all, and I actually forget to use any most days. But I've really been liking this gloss from CK in 700 Illicit, it looks very natural and feel very nice~ Love the smell too.

And I'm ready to go ! Good luck ! 

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  1. J'adore ce que tu utilises pour que ta peau soit toute blanche! c'est quoi au faite?:o
    meme si je suis jaune ca me donne une peau naturelle ou ca me fait blanche? :o
    Han me faudrait ca <3.