Saturday, 4 January 2014

♡ 2014 and things to come ♡

Happy new year 2014 !

It's finally time for a new beginning. Even though, I should always think of a new day as a new start, I tend to emotional process and feel it as a new year begins. A lot of good happened in 2013 and I'm grateful for those events, I've been through rough times as well, and I hoping for the best for 2014.

I don't specifically make a 2014 resolutions list, but there is a few things I want to integrate in my daily habits. This year I really want to work towards being more positive and becoming a greater person. Building myself a healthier and happier life.

Be more curious.
Learn something new every day and listen to what people have to say and share. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Look something up on the Internet like watching a documentary, reading, learning new words, or chords... Whatever. I want to be able to go to sleep knowing that, today, I'm going to sleep being less stupid :)

Reach out to people.
I come across seeming a bit arrogant sometimes, and that is for two reasons. I'm shy and I'm french. We all know how french people have attitude, it's true. For the better and worse. That's why I want to reach out to people and forget about being shy and awkward at times. Let's be cheerful and pleasant. And I do believe that what you give, you get back.

Stop worrying.
This one is probably gonna be hardest for me. I tend to think and plan a lot, everything. And it's all good as far as it doesn't make me worry. Sometimes I find myself thinking of what I will be doing in 10 years, if this, and if that... And when doing this, I get stuck in worries and try to get myself prepared to the worst scenario. I want to let it go this year and take one step at a time. And have faith in the future.
The only time that is given to me is NOW, and that's when I should act.

That's pretty much it, and if I can day after day integrate it, I think it will be beneficial for me.

Yesterday I already got myself some books that I think will open my mind and will teach me a lot. Here's the list :
and I also started yesterday, How to win friends and influence people written by Dale Carnegie. It's very interesting and empowering. It's a funny title but I would definitely recommend it.
Do you have any recommendations ?

I talk a lot about improving your outer beauty and looks but I do believing that beauty comes from within and that a beautiful soul and personality is far more important. Because from it with blossom love and seeing someone through love can't be anything but beauty.


  1. Happy new year :D
    I usually don't make resolutions but yours are good, I should improve this points too :<