Saturday, 11 January 2014

♥ 3 Concept Eyes - Highlighter ♥

3 Concept Eyes, a korean make up brand, probably holds my favorite highlighter, The Marble Highlighter, #BLING PEACH. 
Slick packaging and gorgeous color, I reach for it everyday. I like it better than my Cle de Peau one.
3CE highlighter has appears like a rosie/pearl/goldish/copper mix. Beautiful. When applied, it looks like a shimmery glow on the skin. The tint matches my skin tone perfectly and gives me that nice  porcelain like shimmer on the face.
It has a very nice and pleasant pigmentation, and I find it very easy to use and build if needed.
Minimum fall off, which makes me really happy.
I like to apply it with my MAX 252E brush, on the edge of my nose, the end of my eyebrows and between, chin, cheek bones and between my nose and upper lip. 


  1. This highlighter seems to be effective *-*
    I'd love to try all their products haha.

    1. It is so good, I cant get over it !
      You should definitely get it :D Are you still in Korea? x

    2. I'm currently in France but I'm going back to Korea on monday :)

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