Tuesday, 21 January 2014

✿ The body shop lip butter : Chestnut ✿

 Going out to work at night I found myself thinking

"Did I take my lip balm with me ?" my bag was feeling quite light and I wondered if my make up bag was in there. I checked and found out I forgot it... There is nothing less frustrating that needing a new lip balm when you know that you have a bunch at home... nice ones.

Luckily, there is a Body Shop in Prince Edward MTR and decided to go there and pick up one of their lip butter. And since I've never tried any before, why not ?

They have quite a range of smells, raspberries, lemon, honey, chestnut, watermelon,... and all of those, either packed in a pot of a stick, priced at 79HK$. (which is so quite priced. I just checked their website, and a lip butter is 4 pounds (~50HK$))

I'm not so crazy about the packaging. Then again, I'm not a big fan of The Body Shop's packaging in general and I don't think they aim to be crazy anyhow. It's clean, looks natural, fresh, and gives an idea of their ideology.

I opted for a pot of chestnut for it's smell. I'm not quite sure what chestnuts smell like when they are fresh, but if you've been to France and try this dessert MaronSui's, it's a less sweet version of it. Very pleasant and smooth. It certainly hits my nostalgic point.

To my desperation, there is no taste or flavor at all... meh.

Consistency wise, it really have a butter-like feeling to it and reacts to room temperature as well. The first time I tried it (a freezing night brrrrr) I found myself feeling like I've been cheated and that it was a pretty bad lip butter. It was so hard and difficult to get an product to spread on my lip.
But as I tried it again on a warmer day, it's a lot smoother and easier to use. It was literally melting under my finger. I wonder how it's be like during summer ~
Non-sticky and give a little shine.

It's pretty moisturising and stay on my lips for 2~3hours I'd say. Even when I lick them a little.
Light and nice on the lips.

In the end, I bought it because, I really needed something to moisturise my lips, and I was pretty much down to get anything.
I will use it, it smells nice and does the job, but it's not my favourite.
I don't regret buying it, but for the price... hmm not too sure. If I bought it in England, it would have been fine but in HK, not such a good bargain. I think we can find cheaper option for the same result :)

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