Wednesday, 29 January 2014

♡ Retro gaming on Android ♡

My Boy! Free

Games, games games,... My first own console was a Gameboy, the big one, in Red. And I loved it, I cherished it so much and played it for hours. I would bring it to the toilet, I would play on it even when the batteries' "lid" disappeared, and then...? Well, I got a new one and carried on using new platforms. I still love retro games. And I used to have emulators either on my DS, PSP or computer and I figured out that I, most of the time, ended up not finishing my games because :

1/ I was too lazy to reach for my console
2/ Got stuck and could be bothered to grind 
3/ Got stuck, re-motivated myself but forgot completely where I was at.

That's why I decided to get emulators on my phone, so it would make the whole thing super handy. And as I tend to kill time with my phone a lot, I thought that getting carried away by an epic story was better than poppy candies or jellies.

For now I got free two emulators, one for Game Boy Advance (GBA) games and one for Super Nintendo (SNES) games. (they are free on Android, if you're an iPhone user, I'm pretty sure you can find an equivalent to those). They don't come with any games, you will have to use good old friend Google~

My Boy! Free is stable and the offer a landscape view (which is the one I use), with the button places over the game-screen or gives you a virtual console for the portrait view. You can download games from the Internet directly and load them with your phone from the Download folder. As easy as that.

SNESDroid is also stable and pretty much as the same look at My Boy! They targeted a specified folder for the games, but you can easily browse your folders to reach de /download one, unless you're tidy and want to put your games in said folder.

Surprisingly those don't eat up my battery too baldly. Not nearly as bad as any other games like Jelly splash, since they don't require an internet connexion in game (hey yeah, back in the day... No internet for sharing your achievements !). 

Let's revive our old quests, or finish the ones we abandoned.
You might also want to satisfy your curiosity and test old games. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy V, which I will beat no matter what ! And SailorMoon RPG, so cuuuuute~ Good surprise to be honest. I didn't expect much of it, but I do like it. Though difficulty isn't so well balanced. 1 level will make a huge different at times. And once you've reach it, every monsters will be a piece of cake. Oh and, my heart jumped as the Masked Man made his appearance 

The perfect occasion to replay Pokemon !

My first GB game was Disney's The Jungle Book, and I have never everrrr, beaten it. Yeah, I'm just gonna go get it.

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