Monday, 27 January 2014

♥ SOS dry and irritated skin ♥
Home made Oat mask

I'm lucky enough and I've never had to deal with severe acne *touches wood* but few days ago I've noticed spots coming out. Mostly there were located on my forehead, and lowest part of my cheeks... Most of them flat and pretty red. The biggest ones were also itchy >__<
I took it as my skin telling me :
Sophie, I'm thirsty ! And you probably don't care for me as much as you should !
Yup, the last couple weeks, I've been a bit lazy and I would cleanse my face in the morning, but as I removed my make up, I would skip on the cleanser and go directly to toner and moisturizing it... Time to give my face some love with a home-made inexpensive mask.
Ingredients : Oats and water.
(organic oat is surely the best option, but I only have regular oat at home and it still does the trick. Make do with what you have at home 
I used the very basic oat (don't use the instant one though, I believe it has added sugar and other stuff) and water. Really easy, I just put two tbs of oat and a little bit of water (I would say that ratio is like 1/3 of oat + 2/3 of water). Put it in a bowl and zioum ! in the microwave for 30 seconds (medium power)
Wait for a bit for it to cool down and stir the mixture until it look pretty gel-ly.
Before applying, make sure it cooled down, you don't want to burn yourself.
Benefits of oat masks : Moisturizing, ease itchiness, cleanse, and exfoliate.
I keep it on my face until it dries up, you will feel your face tightening and will know : It's time.
Wipe it off with baby wipes and rinse with luke water.
You can also wet your hands and massage the oat on your face to exfoliate.
I decided to make use of my Etude House Skin Mal:gem smoother and Deep moist samples. I find them so smooth and refreshing. Especially the Deep Moist, it feels like fresh water on my face. The consistency is like a very liquid gel. No scent.
I might get the full sizes :)
Very gentle.
This is my second day of making this routine, and my skin feels MUCH better. The redness and itchiness are almost all gone.
Break out are also sometimes a sign of bad hygiene with your routine but also with your tools. Not taking the risk, I cleaned all my brushes and beauty sponge with Pink Shower Brush Cleanser by Too cool for school, and baby shampoo for my sponge~
And finally, I will give my face a break and not put on make up today. Getting my hair out of my face is also best, so it won't touch my face and make it itchy or anything~
If you HAVE TO put on make up, make sure to clean your brushes and stick to products you know and trust. Remove your make up as soon as you go home.
Be gently, be kind and patient.

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