Wednesday, 22 January 2014

✿ Too cool for school : Check cake blusher ✿

 Here goes another product from Too cool for school, their Check cake blusher.
Again, TCFS gets me all smitten with their product as they deliver it in such a cute packaging. As you see this little present looking box, their is only one thing that comes to my mind "I wanna open it!" 
 As you do so, you discover a check of 4 different colours, white, pink, mauve and dark purple with some red. All of them have a subtle shine.
There is almost no fall off at all, even after using it so many time and mixing, it's almost as clean and tidy as new. The downside to it is that you don't get much product all at once on your brush. Perfect a little blush, if you want more, 
Girl, Swirl so more !
 To apply it, you just have to swirl your brush inside box and apply it your cheeks. The four of them will give you a rosie/mauve blush, not too girly and obvious. Subtle and natural.
Though, you depending on your taste you may as well, pick which colours you want a mix of. And that's when I find this product very versatile .
 I like to use the to colours on top to highlight my face.
 Somehow contour with the two bottom ones.
Use it as eyeshadows.
 And of course blush :) There you go, a full look with only one product.

 I don't think this blush (because it is a blush !) is the best eyeshadow, but for a natural/sweet look, it's perfect. It gives you thing healthy glow and is perfect for minimalist make up bags.

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  1. What s your eyes color? I really love your eyes
    Have you got any photo of original face without makeup?

    1. Thanks ! My eyes are kinda grey/green/blue, you can see my no make up face here
      Also, no lenses ;)

    2. Thanks for letting me know this. Well i prefer to write in french a little.

      Désolé je suis curious d'avoir chercher ton bio.
      Je croyais que t'avais que 16,17 ans et bah...tu es beaucoup plus jeune

      J ai une question à te proposer: je suis un mec 21 ans, je suis asiatique et j'aime pas vraiment mes yeux "chinois" (single eyelid). Par contre, je ne veut pas aller au chirurgie esthétique pour voir des "double eyelid" (bon, comme je suis un mec et suis/serai pas un homme de showbiz) . Pouras tu me conseiller s'il y a des façon de maquillage pour homme pour que mes yeux aillent mieux. Je te remercie avant.

    3. Non non, j ai bien plus que 17 ans... mais merci !
      En ce qui concerne tes paupieres, je pense que tu peux utiliser les petits autocollant double-face, pour creer un pli sur ton oeil.
      Ou il y a des la colle aussi, mais je pense que les stickers sont plus propres et peut etre plus facile a utiliser~

    4. Merci beaucoup !
      ça me semble tres utile. Je vais essayer.le faire un jour
      C'est bientot nouvel an lunaire asiatique dans qq jours. Tu as bien preparé? Ca serait ta 1er fete? ça fait long temp tu t'installes à Hongkong?

    5. Je suis contente que ca t'aide, dis-moi si ca a bien marche.
      Oui bientot le nouvel an ! Ca va etre la premiere fois que je reste a HK pour le celebrer. Ca fait deux ans que je vis ici, mais avant j etais partie en vacances pour l'occasion~ :)

  2. The blush looks pretty on you! Love your flawless skin too :) it's a great idea to use a blush as eyeshadow. Thanks for the review!