Friday, 24 January 2014

♥ What's on my phone : Android Apps ♥

If you live in Hong Kong and are using an Android phone, this may help you.
If you wanna know how to customize your desktop : check this link

This is a life saver and I use it all the time wherever I'm going. I just have to enter my destination and home address and it will tell me which transportation to use. How long it will take etc.
It takes consideration of the MTR, buses, minibuses, and trams.
The maps will show MTR exits and bus's stops.
You can add favorites and use them as "bookmarkers". Perfect to spot studios, and castings places easily :)

In France, I remember using texts a lot, and Whatsapp a little bit. But being in Hong Kong I started to use Line and Wechat much more since texting isn't free like in France. Line isn't super used here, but I do like to use it (because it's CUTE, and it has CUTE layout and CUTE stickers !) Also it allows you to make phone calls with its users. Which is perfect when I wanna call my family back home.
As Line is huge in Japan, Kakaotalk is huge in Korea, well Wechat is The messenger in Hong Kong and China. I like it, it works and is stable. But it's not as nicely done as Line. 
Otherwise, I have to common Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Go SMS Pro for texting.

I like to be organized and I found the perfect application for scheduling my days. Jorte is a clean and complete agenda. It synchs with Google Calendar, so you can keep both your computer and phone updated. You can add tasks and notes. Use it as a widget (monthly, weekly or planning) on your homepage to easily check what's happening in the coming days. 
If like me you like to have something customizable, Jorte will be perfect for you. It comes with pre-themes and also give you the opportunity to pick your own colors. Stickers are also available to decorate special events.

Looking for a ringtone, a notification sound or a wallpaper ? Get Zedge ! Like, now ! Now you know where I got my favorite ringtone that sounds like "Mot'cha pon pon" :D

I usually use my in built app because I really like the quality of the photos, but once in a while I will play with other fun cameras.
WonderCam offers many girls filter to choose from. What I like about this one is that the filter is chosen pre-shooting and you basically shoot with a preview. They also provide an beauty editing options, that will make your eyes BIGGER, and get rid of under eye circles and I think they also shave your jaw into a V. 
PhotoWonder also supports filters and beautify options. It will help you achieve bigger boobs, V shaped jaw-line, bigger eyes etc. You can also use it to decorate your photos with stickers and writing. And do some collage.
#Square is a practical app to avoid cropping photos before posting them on Instagram. You can choose different background. Minimalist and effective.
Photo Grid permits you to insert several photos into one frame. I've put up to 5 photos together and it's really easy to use. Provide different layouts according to how many photos are inserted, and different patterns for the frames.

You live in Hong Kong and you love food. But you don't know where to eat, in this uncommon place ? No worries ! Openrice is a website referencing restaurants and cafes in Hong Kong. Giving you all infos about the place as well as reviews and photos. Most reviews are in Chinese but you can find some in English.
The research engine is pretty detailed as you can pick location, cuisine, type of dishes, price range... Or just tape the neighborhood option if you're adventurous.

VDM and Se coucher moins bete
Because I need some entertainment in my life. Vie de merde (litt : Shit life) is a fun app where people come and tell the story of what sucked for them Today. There is an american version FML, but it stuck with the french version as it's much funnier from my perspective.
Se coucher moins bete gives me that feeling that I learned something that day. Random facts that may teach you something. So you will go to sleep being less dumb tonight.

Every year, more or less, I start to learn japanese again and again, until, generally after 3 months, I give it up. Anyways, I will try my best to stick to it, and to learn more and more, even if it will be little by little. To help me learn my kanji, I'm using WaniKani which I love ! They start by teaching the radicals, then moving on to the simple kanji. Teach you the english meaning (with a little memo technique to remember it, keys and fun facts), the romanji for pronuncing and how they get paired with other kanji to form other words. It tests you and you won't learn new words until your mastered the previous once. It also sends you notification to remind you that you have reviews to go through.

I don't have that many games on my phone as I'd rather play on my 3DS but here's my two favorites.
La Cave Aux Enigmes : I'm a big fan of riddles and I love to solve them. I also like to play with friends (though not everyone likes it... poor me...). I find it to be a fun thing to do and it helps you use your brains a little bit ;)
Jelly Splash  : I don't think I will have to introduce this one. I used to be addicted to Candy Crush, well now I have Jelly Splash. The upside to this is, I found out how to get unlimited lives and became a less annoying friend. ( TIP : Go to setting>general>date and time>change to DAY to the following one>go back to app>back to setting and check the automatic setting>back to app and PLAY)

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