Thursday, 13 February 2014

✿Learning how to be positive✿

Photos from A little Fable, wedding gowns. 
Now, with the cold and the freezing weather, I often find myself getting lazy and pretty melancholic. When I think about it, winter is the moment when you find yourself at the weakest. Victim of the merciless weather. Wondering if Spring is ever going to come and if you will go through with it.

I miss the sun, I miss the warmth on my skin, I miss the joy of looking at a blue sky, I miss chasing butterflies and I miss refreshing myself with a piece of watermelon.
Instead, I hide myself under layers and layers of clothes, drink hot tea non-stop, hide hot pockets in my clothes, and curse the moment I need to go to the loo and have to unbutton my pants with icing hands.

I try not to focus too much on the negative and keep an eye out to spot all the good I have in my life. To be grateful for all I have. And so should you.

  • I have a roof above my head and of a decent size (and as colorful as I wanted it to be !)
  • I live in the city I chose to live in, in the most awesome building there is !
  • I can eat yummy food daily, even though I'm a picky eater.
  • I'm healthy and am able to go on about daily things.
  • I have the luck to be allowed to sleep as late as I want most of the time.
  • I have loving and understanding friends.
  • I have to opportunity to practice the guitar, my singing, drawing and photography on a daily basis.
  • I'm surrounded by talented and inspiring people.
  • I like my job and the people I work with.
  • I can find the time to treat and pamper myself when I need to.
  • Some supermarkets still have watermelon available~ :) and there is tea in the kitchen.
  • Spring is on its way.

Here's a few things that make me happy :
  • Talking to my friends
  • Learning more japanese and noticing my improvements
  • People smiling (it's a plus if they smile at me)
  • Practicing the guitar and singing
  • Thinking of the positive, and warm memories
  • Planning a future holiday
  • Watching a movie snuggled on the sofa
  • Eating my sweet fruits
  • Getting relaxed on the massage chair
  • Learning from others and sharing stories

I kinda needed to put down into words those things as I think it's important to be reminded of the all the good things we have and we take for granted.
Everything is up to you. Today will be a bad day if you decide so. But happiness comes from within and you're the one in charge to decide wether or not you deserve it.

Be grateful, loving and compassionate. Towards others, and yourself.

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