Wednesday, 5 February 2014

✿ Too cool for school Pop Up Mascara ✿

Mascara, mascara... How many do you have, how many do you like ? How long will you keep trying to get the perfect one ?
As I saw this white packaging with a Dinosaur drawn on it, I thought "You will make my eyelashes stay up, long and appear massive !" And took the dino home.
Pop up mascara promises to make you lashes longer,
hold you curls and to dry quickly to offer your curly and natural looking lashes.
The curled brush shows their attempt to curl your lashes and I must say it does make my lashes curls, it was very comfortable to use. A little bit messy for me cause my lashes are quite long and they would actually reach my eyelid. But a little clean up and it's fixed. 
Very easy to use on my bottom lashes as one side of the brush has shorter hair.
I also find that, because the brush helps to reach the bottom of my lashes, then they appeared longer.
Then, moving on the drying part, that the part  I like the least and that makes me not reach so often to this mascara. I don't particularly find it to dry as fast as I expected. And as it dries up, it's like all my lashes part together and get stuck.. Even if I brush through it with a comb. I can hardly separate them.
As much as it helps with length, it's lacking on the volume...

I would recommend for the lucky ladies with a lot of lashes only ~


  1. Omg, I love your blog! :) One question, what drugstore mascara would be a good dupe for this? I can't buy it online and I can't buy it where I live :(

    1. Hi Anh, thanks for your comment ! I don't use a lot of different of drugstore's mascara, but I remember Maybelline Colossal volume mascara being pretty nice ! :D

    2. Alright, thank you for replying to me! c: