Tuesday, 18 March 2014

✿3 concept eyes : Powdery lip & cheek✿


I'm always eager to try products that are 2 in 1 as they are practical when it comes to traveling.
3 Concept eyes cames up with their Powdery Lip & Cheek goodies, which I picked up in three different shades.
The packaging is simple, minimalist and sleek. 

#POPO is a baby pink, very soft and girly.
#TIBET ORANGE is a very bright orange.
and finally #NEON FULL is a super bright pink, almost magenta. It reminds me a bit of Barbie's pink.
Used as a blush, I find them so easy to use. They feel very light and cream, I find them almost air-y or foam-y kind. Very pleasant to apply. Simply apply a little bit on your cheek and start a massaging motion to blend it in. You can build it up, so start little since their are well pigmented ! They have a beautiful matte finish. Love it.
Now, used on the lips, that's when they became tricky for me. Especially #POPO. Since it's so pale, and I wanted it to show, I had to conceal my lips, drying them out a bit, plus adding the powdery product, it then made them so dry ! Not pretty. On the other hand, I think that #TIBET ORANGE and #NEON FULL did a better job and I like the matte result too. They gave me a nice tint.

Nonetheless, they don't stay on very long, unless you use a lip primer to try to keep them on long.

That's definitely a product I like to use on my cheeks, though not too keen on it as used for my lips.
Those babies need some moisture and love.

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