Tuesday, 25 March 2014

ஐ Coffee and Workshop : TC2 ஐ

 Last week, my friend Pat suggested that I join her for lunch at TC2. 
I heard of the place in the past, a cafe that serves western food, coffee, puts together workshops and shows pieces that were created there.
We went there around 2pm and had to wait a little bit until we could get a table. The cafe has two floors and 70 seats, both tables and seats at the bar.

 I really enjoyed the atmosphere of TC2, the art work is a pleasure to look at and the music playing was smoothing and very chilled.
The staff is nice and helpful !
 How beautiful !
 We both got a lunch set. The first one ranges from 40 to 50hkd and includes either a soup or a drink. The second set ranging from 50 to 60hkd includes both a soup and a drink.
As you seat at your table, the nice waitress pours your a cup of hot water with lemon, nice~
 Pat got a cappuccino and tomato and ham penne, I think she was quite happy with it. I loved the message on the coffee, it's always a nice touch. :D
 I ordered their minestrone soup, quite nice. It wasn't too salted which I really appreciated and nice pieces of onions and carrots. 
 The salmon salad either came with greens or a fruit salad, I definitely opted for the greens, since I had bad experience with mayo being part of a fruit salad. (seriously, why ?!)
I asked for the dressing to come on the side (there are four different kinds, mayo, vinegar/oil, ..)
The salad is very simple, and nice, but then again, I think it's the kind of salad you can't really get wrong. Salmon, green leaves, crumbs of toast, small pieces of bacon. 

I also got their Lychee tea, which came in a simple cup. It was ok, but I like the one from The Alchemist way better. This one was too sweet and pre-sweetened too. 

G/F, 23 Cedar Street, Prince Edward
Exit B, Prince Edward MTR

→ 10% charges : No

→ WiFi : Yes

→ Napkins : Yes

→ WC : Yes, with toilet paper !

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