Thursday, 20 March 2014

✿Etude House : Missing U hand cream✿
Fairy penguin

Can you resist  this cute penguin ? 
I know I couldn't as I was looking around at Etude House in Mongkok the other, shopping with BFF Florent. For 50hkd, I thought to myself "Doesn't really matter what's inside, I gotta get this !"
and I did.
At the moment, the animals available were :
The Fairy Penguin (Cotton)
The Pink Dolphin (Piona)
The half elephant seal (Green Tea)
The Panda (peach)

They all smell pretty good, a very soft and pleasant smell. Not at all over empowering and sickly sweet. I liked it a lot. I decided to pick the Fairy Penguin, as I thought he was the cutest.
And yeah, I had plans for the little fellow. Since as soon as he gets empty, I will definitely refill him :)
Cotton smell very nice, like a soft and sweet clean laundry <3
It's a bit unusual for to have my hand cream in a pot, and I find it a little bit awkward to have to dig my finger inside to spread it on my hands. A tube is more hygienic and convenient, but I'm willing to do a lot for cuteness sake !

It feels soft and easy to spread. I really like the consistency of the cream, as I find it not to watery (I have that problem with some of them) and it penetrates my skin easily and quickly. Leaving my hands soft and moisturized.
No regrets :D

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