Thursday, 13 March 2014

✿Sailormoon Miracle Romance pen eyeliner✿

Last week, in my quest to find a new pen eyeliner (just because it's so practical and easy to use), I decided to go to Sasa. I was about to get a Dolly Wink one, when I saw that SailorMoon packaged eyeliner. Not thinking too much about it, I grabbed it and walked to the cashier handing 98HKD.
"Usagi would never get associated with a bad eyeliner", was my thought.

The packaging is cute, with a pale pink and white decoration on it, with Luna, the moon and stars..
Simple and cute.
The end of the pen is of 0.1mm diameter, it helps you to draw a fine and precise line.
Overall, no surprise about it.
It's very black and opaque, it glides easily on your eyelid and stays on all day.
I used it in the inner corner of my eye, quite in the inside, and it didn't sting or anything !

It's so waterproof that it was actually a bit difficult to remove it on my arm for the swatches.
As for my eyelids, I had no problem because I prep-ed it with eye-primer, which I would recommend using.
Super waterproof. Still on, after rubbing it with a wet cotton pad !

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