Friday, 7 March 2014

✿ Too cool for school Dino Platz eye shadow on platiron✿
Lavender and Peach Gold

Too cool for school eye shadows on platiron come in a cute and simple tube of 7g of product. They are marketed to be used as eyeshadow, with there jelly and creamy texture, but to be honest, I really like to use them as an eye primer and I find them to work perfectly as such.
The design makes it so easily to regulate how much product you want to use and helps to keep everything clean. (no one wants to get product all over their hands !)
A tiny amount will go a long way on your eyelid. It's very easy to spread evenly on your eyelid, and doesn't sting at all (and my skin and eyes are quite sensitive). No smell and has a kind fresh feeling. I apply it with my ring finger, gently.
Lavender is a very light and pearl like color, very soft and shimmer. Quite discrete if you were to use it on its own as an eyeshadow. It will give you a very gently glow.
On the other hand, Peach gold has a copper like color, almost metallic and is definitely more pigmented.
That's how they look after you blend them in.
(second layer)
I find Peach Gold to be build-able, so I would sometimes use it on its own. But Lavender is so subtle that I always use it as a base for my light colored eye shadows.
I find them to give a nice grip to my shimmer eyeshadows, the color pay off is very good and it doesn't smudge so easily.
Here my eyeshadows still look great even after I rubbed them with a heavy hand. So no need to worried about your eyeshadow getting out of control even after a long day of wearing make up, or a night out~

As far as cleaning your make up off, I would definitely suggest to use a gently waterproof eye make up remover, followed by cleansing your face, as the shimmer may like to travel around your face a little. 
Always make sure to remove all your make up off, to assure your skin not to break out.


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