Sunday, 16 March 2014

✿Too Cool For School Dinoplatz highline✿

Out of their range of 7 colors, I got fortunate to receive their sparkly/pearl like color and their shimmery magenta. Such great color, and a total match for my liking. I love to use red-ish eyeliner and the pearl color is just the best !
I pretty much, always, drawing my waterline with either a white or beige eyeliner, but now, I can't help but to reach for TCFS highline is pearl ! New obsession.
The colors are so beautiful, I can't get over the pearl color, I love it so much.
The texture is super creamy and it glides so easily on my eyelid. The product spread equally and you don't need to go back to re-apply it, it's very pigmented.
I find them pretty waterproof, so far I didn't need to reapply it during the day. :)
One thing that caught me off guards, is the fact that you actually have to sharpen it. Which really surprised me (looking at the packaging, I was certain that I could screw the end part of the pen to get the stick out but no... I tried so much and so hard that I actually broke it. I had to learn the hard way I guess).
As the stick is very cream, I would recommend to put your highline in the freezer before sharpening them.
Doesn't it make my eyes appear huge ? It's a detail but I think it makes such a great difference ! 
I can't get over it.
Vampy look

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