Saturday, 15 March 2014

✿Too Cool For School Dinoplatz lip balm✿
#4 Peach Melba

Lucky me received a package last week from Too Cool for School with some new products for me to try out and review. As I opened it, my eyes got caught by this lip balm.
What do you ask from a lip balm ?
As for me, I love it to be cute, moisturizing, sweet scent/flavor and practical packaging.
The metallic box with a screwable lid is so pleasant. Some people may not like it, as they won't find it hygienic, I personally don't mind (and I'm not letting anyone else but myself putting their ring finger in it). Every time I use it, I feel like treating myself.
Reading the name, I expected a mix of peach/cream/vanilla scent, but TCFS keep it to a sweet peach scent, which I think is quite wise. Since an ice-cream like scent would probably have been too overwhelming (but oh so gourmet~). No flavor though, awww...

This lip balm has a slight tint to it, but nothing dramatic. I found it to give a peachy glossy effect to my lip. Very natural. It is marketed as being like a lip tint, but I didn't find it to be that pigmented. Otherwise, I would have to maybe conceal my lip color first, to get a tint really. But then again, that'd dry my lips... I prefer to stick to it as being a lip balm~

The jelly texture is quite glossy, but to my delight, after applying it, my lip don't feel sticky at all. They feel very moist and soft. And as I lick them, it feel as if my tongue slides on top of the product, instead of removing part of it. 
(if that makes any sense)
After applying it, if I don't eat or drink, I apply it once every two hours, and not because my lips feel dry or anything. Nah, it's just too good for me to stay away from it :)

I think everyone should give those lip balms a try, wether they actually need a new one or just love to collect them (as I do).
They also come in Spilled Wine (dark red), Beet Jam (red), and Rabbit Food (orange).

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