Sunday, 2 March 2014

✿ Too cool for school gel eyeliners ✿
Orange and purple

I can not resist colorful make up ! The catchy gel liner from Too cool for school are sure a hit for all color lovers out there.
Those gel liners come in three different colors, an peachy orange, a purple that have tiny blue shimmers and a pitch black.
The smart packaging provide a brush hidden in the lid. Quite smart, portable and offers an easy touch up.
Speaking of the brush, it's perfect if you like to have a quite bold line (which you will probably opt for, since you will certainly when your super colorful eyeliner to show up :) but if you want something thinner, I would recommend to use another brush.

I love the texture and the matte finish of the orange, and it glides so smoothly and evenly.
The purple in the other hand has so shimmers in it and is more challenging when it comes to draw an even line. You might have to go back and retrace it. I wish it had the same formula as the orange..
Can you see the blue shimmers ?
(excuse the messy edges)
To remove, definitely use a waterproof eye make up remover.


  1. I wanna try them. I've always wanted to have color on my eyes, but still don't know which color i should use :(

    1. I enjoy the orange more but maybe purple is easier to wear for everyday use~