Tuesday, 4 March 2014

✿WONTONMEEN : Gotta love your neighbors✿

Wanna know what's my favorite place in Hong Kong ?
Where's my hide out ? Where I love to spend quality time with my friends, shoot, and practice my guitar ?

It's all in one place, down my building and it's call Wontonmeen (Dumpling noodle soup in Cantonese).
135 Lai Chi Kok Road (Prince Edward MTR station).
It used to be on our 1st floor, which turned now into a hostel. Wontonmeen was designed and put together by Patricia Choi, and divided into three sections.
The gallery curated by South Ho, the bicycle shop taken care of my Holicycle and finally the cafe as well call it.
A chilled and relaxed atmosphere haunt the space and offer candies for your eyes with a collection of strange and interesting items everywhere.
One of the rare places in the neighborhood to offer some culture ventures. Providing art works of quality, bikes for either renting or sales and a friendly atmosphere and community.

The cafe is actually open to the permanent residents of the building, but as friendly as we are, we always welcome people to come by, say hi and share a cup of tea, their art and creations. We love to do activities such as Show and Tell nights where everyone comes and share about their passion. Movie nights are coming up. Improved jamming on the piano or guitars and parties. Teaching either other different games...

It's all about sharing and discovering.

Join us on our Facebook page to get to know what's happening and know more about room availability.


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