Thursday, 10 April 2014

♥ My hair routine, thin hair ♥

Guys ! I'm back from Okinawa~ It was amazing, I had such great holidays there. I will share with you my journey later on~
For now I wanted to share with you how I take care of my hair. For your information, my hair is straight, thin and flat (bouhouhou). But it's also healthy (even after being blow dried, iron and all the wax and hairspray hairstylists love to use), soft and grows quite fast.
At some point, as I was following a vegan diet, my hair was getting thinner and I noticed some hair loss. It got a lot better since I adjust my diet (fish, eggs, and some yogurt) and my hair routine.
 ♥ To wash my hair I love to use Sebamed, it was recommended by my doctor since it's very gentle on your hair and your scalp. Sometimes you experience hair loss due to a shampoo that is too aggressive. This one is super gentle, is soap and alkali-free, and contains caffeine and ginkgo biloba, which stimulate your blood circulation. With a great blood circulation, your hair gets stronger and grows faster.
 ♥ The first time I used it I was surprised it didn't foam, and the bottle recommends a small amount of product (which is great, because this shampoo isn't exactly cheap), but even though it doesn't foam, it cleansed my hair so well ! 
 ♥ I don't use my hair very often (now is the part when I seem dirty) but to be honest, I can go like 4 days without washing my hair and it still is clean and not smelly (Smell-proof by Florent !). I often happen to wash my fringe since it gets greasy because of creams, and leave the rest of my hair alone. This way it doesn't get too dry.
 ♥ ~110 HKD at Sasa
 ♥ Since my shampoo is very gentle, I usually don't use a conditioner. But sometimes, I will use Mane 'n tail herbal gro to detangle my hair and give it a extra soft touch. Mane 'n tail is meant to be strengthens and nourishes your hair. I can't really tell if my fast hair growth is due to this conditioner, but my hair does grow like 1,5~2cm a month !
 ♥ The conditioner smells like a soft and subtle coconutty scent. I like it :D
 ♥ ~88 HKD at Sasa

  ♥ I LOOOOOVE ARGAN OIL. I can't get over it. Not only does it makes your hair shine, and soft. But it also nourishes your hair so well, and it acts as a heat protection, which is awesome when I'm working (some hairstylists will use it, but most don't...).
 ♥ I use a korean brand Moroccan Reine, and I love it. It's quite similar to the Moroccan Oil, but I find the smell more pleasant, and the oil to penetrate faster into my hair. It is also somehow less oily, in the sense that it doesn't leave my hands greasy.
 ♥ One pump which I rub in both my hands, and apply it to the ends of my hair. You can put it up to your ear's level, not higher because I think it would make your hair greasy.
 ♥ ~380 HKD for 150mL, instead of 400HKD for 100mL of Marrocan oil.

  ♥ The night before I wash my hair, I like to make a hair mask with Coconut oil. I apply it the night before and sleep with it so it will have the time to nourish and penetrate my hair fully. I don't recommend using it the same way as I use the argan oil, because I think it doesn't penetrate quickly at all, leaves your hair looking greasy and weight it down.
 ♥ The smell of coconut is so yummy. It makes my pillow smell so nice  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
 ♥ Aaaah I love the way my hair feels after I wash it off. So super soft, shiny and healthy looking. 
 ♥ To adjust my diet and make sure I get all the vitamins and minerals my hair and body need, I started taking tablets. It's recommended to take it twice a day, but I only take one in the morning, since my diet is well balance already.

I used to notice lots of hair loss whenever I was washing my hair. I would have so many hair is my hands. Now I don't have any at all ! 
My brush would be full of hair, and now I only have a little bit, seriously. 
I feel my hair much stronger and a little bit thicker than before. Not as fragile, and I'm much less scared to touch it. Before I would be so stressed about handling it, now I have no problem. It's growing and feeling well.
I don't think my hair will ever be super thick and I would have a lot of volume, because it's not my type of hair (sadly) but I'm very happy to have found a routine that suits my hair and I hope it can help some of you to prevent hair loss.
 ♥  ♥  ♥ 


  1. It’s good to know you’ve found the right routine to improve the quality of your hair. Sure it’s a lot of effort. But it’s worth sweating for, as long as it continues to give wonderful results to your hair. -- Dr. Sara Salas

  2. That’s really nice! Well, it sometimes takes a huge effort to keep one's hair healthy and thick, but it is certainly attainable. But aside from using those products, doing some regular trimming and gentle brushing also help with keeping your hair healthy. All the best!

    Evelyn Barrett @ Good Look Ink