Monday, 21 April 2014

ஐ My trip to Okinawa, walking around NAHA ஐ
Day 1

After all that traveling and walking we were famished. I decided to ask one of the staff where we should have lunch and told him we were down to get real japanese sushi ! 
Haru then took us, showing us his secret path to get there, to his favorite sushi place.
The restaurant seemed to be a chain in Japan (I can't recall the name) and it was pretty much the same deal as Genki Sushi in Hong Kong. Rolling machine as well as ordering from La carte. They had some sets as well and I opted for the lady's set. And it was so amazing ! I can't tell if it was because I was overwhelmed by being in Okinawa and very hungry. But it was my favorite meal we had there !
The set was 700Yen and included :
ஐ Unlimited green tea
ஐ Seaweed salad
ஐ Okinawa miso soup (so good, the taste was much stronger than the ones I had before)
ஐ Egg pudding (that was so tasty and amazing ! Soft and light !)
ஐ A set of of six sushi and one omelet (every single one was a delight. Fresh and the fish was almost melting in my mouth)
ஐ A azuki bean and rice mochi dessert (A little of sweetness that hit the spot)

With our full belly we went around Naha and walked around the main street. It was full of souvenir shops and desserts and cakes shops. We were quite upset for being full and couldn't eat more at the time.
Before going to Okinawa, I thought I would go ahead and get a glass of Snake sake. But nah... I chickened out as I saw them. Too intimidating !!
Okinawa is known for its salt and god, they do have a lot of them ! Not only did they have regular salt, but also flavored ones ! For steaks, seafood, salads.. You name it ! 

Apparently their salt is so yum that you can sprinkle it on ice cream too :)

I love markets <3

Dinner took place in a small restaurant going up Naha's main street.
We had a seafood salad, also we got to try sea grapes for the first time ! (I forgot to take a photo).
It's Okinawa's caviar ! It does taste good, very strong and oily ~ Yum !

We then went back to our guesthouse. They had a live music night, which Patricia and Katol joined. Whilst I decided to get a bath and get an early night~ Zzz
Futon are more comfortable than I thought. There is a safety comfort about sleeping on the floor.

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