Sunday, 27 April 2014

ஐ Okinawa, road trip to the north ஐ
Day 3

 And here began our road trip ! We decided ahead that we would be going around the island by car, and booked a rental online via OTS. We rented the car for 3 days, and it cost each of  us around 200hkd (we were three people). Plus gaz (I think we paid around 4000yens, to share in 3). So cheap ! The car was clean and driving well, I'm sure Patricia, our driver, would agree on this. Decent size as well~ They have several spots, so you may be able to pick the car up somewhere, and return it at another location. So convenient ! They also offered to drive us back when time comes to return the vehicle.
 On our way to Ploughman's lunch bakery.
We didn't make a reservation before arriving, so when we got there, they couldn't make us any lunch set as they actually shop in the morning to get all their ingredients fresh. We still sat and got some of their bread and coffee.

 Cranberry and white chocolate bread
 Olives and sesame seeds bread

 Their table had a crossed hole in it ! So nice !!

 We then stopped at Itokazu castle. The ruins were so beautiful.
I think the entrance fee was around 300yens. Totally worth it for the pleasant walk. and view !

 Yum yum ! I love japanese convenient store, I can always find something delicious there. My first time trying dango. I loved it ! Very chewy and not overly sweet. <3
 We wanted to visit the Pineapple park, but arrived quite late. So we only got to get a photo with the pineapple boy ! (or it is a girl ?? )

 Crossing to get to Yagaji island

 Our road trip was pretty much about driving around, looking through the window and stopping to take the time and watch something breathtaking.
 Dinner in Onna before going to Mariko's guesthouse.
 Left to the right. 
Seaweed - Extra soft tofu - Pig's ear
(I passed on the last one..)
 Grilled purple sweet potatoes
I love love love this !
 Seafood salad with sea grapes.
 Pork stew (I'm guessing) and tuna shirashi
 Tofu hot pot !
This was so yummy and I love the setting, a flame was underneath to keep the soup hot.
Can't go wrong with a platter of nigiri ! 


  1. wow!I wanna visit Japan so much!envy u!hahah >__<
    thanx for inspiration:)

  2. Oh Olga, if you come back to Asia, definitely go and visit Okinawa ! It was such a nice, friendly and relaxing place ! You would love it <3 xx