Wednesday, 30 April 2014

ஐ Okinawa, roads and discoveries ஐ
Back to Naha

We left Mariko's guesthouse in the morning and headed to the Mermaid Cafe to get breakfast by the beach. What a view.

Perfect morning : Stunning view, fluffy and oh so light pancakes and great company <3
It was so windy and I felt so could, but damn, it was good !
The interior was also very nice !

Back on the roads, we went to the Elephant rock !
This place made me feel like I was one of the students of Battle Royal ! The turquoise water, the powerful waves, and the rocks. Amazing.

I love being in a car, it gives you such freedom ! Whenever we would spot an interesting looking building, we would stop and check it out. That's how we stumbled upon a glass studio and other really nice places, entering other people's universe.

A grandma lives in this building. Selling some groceries, making tea and sewing dresses. She explained us that a water pipe was going through the wall to keep the place fresh during summer. Katol thought the experiment failed because we could see some stained wallpaper cause by leeks... It needs so adjustments, but it's still a great idea !

I want those tea pots, SO BAD !
Katol randomly picked a dish on the japanese menu, and got this. Not too bad :)

Aaaaah, I got those from Aeon and it was so yummy ! Dry veggies and banana pieces <3
Shaved ice with azuki beans : I really wanted to try this, since it's typical japanese dessert but I honestly didn't think it would taste much. How wrong was I ? It had the perfect balance of freshness and sweetness. I want to get it again ! Such a treat !

For our last dinner, we treated ourselves to a delicious meal in a nice restaurant. The food was very good but be warn. We only found as we got the check. But some places in Japan will add extra charges such as : Table charges (WHAT?!)
And also, we got charged for the little "entrees", which have always been offered in other restaurants. Not so cool~ (neither is it cheap !)

Tofu with fishes on top : It was definitely on my bucket list, and it was actually quite nice ! I love how the softness and the no taste of the tofu was paired with the salty and kinda crispy fish. Yum !

Rice and tuna soup : So good ! The broth slightly cooked the tuna and it was just so delicious. Plus, any soup gives you this good and at home feeling. 

After dinner we went to the park near by Gekkousou, and played with firework.


Milky ice cream before departure :D Patti has such a sweet tooth <3
Souvenirs of Okinawa. Matcha and sakura Kit Kat (it's very yummy, but I couldn't taste much of the sakura at all, which probably makes sense..) and this cute tumbler from Lawsons. I love it so much, it's much more convenient from the one I had before, since it doesn't leek ! 


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